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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a pixel artist who works for a small video game company, i love making video games assets, mainly spritesheets and tilesets. I'm open for commissioned pixel art work till the end of September. You can have a glimpse on some of my work in the attached files below You can reach me via email: rachidlansari@gmail.com or by letting me a message on my store on CM: Creative market: https://creativemarket.com/Fassous See ya fellow gamemakers 📷
  2. Hi again Gamedevs,Grizzly 2d game assets are available on gamedev market, check them out un der this url:http://bit.ly/2b9dExVThese assets aren't included in the "2d miraculous bundle", i will be adding them later on,You can purchase the "2d miraculous bundle" by visiting the url below:http://bit.ly/1m4ozv8Also, Check the video that i made showing the proper use of Fassous latest assets, and how they look once timed correctly !Video: http://bit.ly/2bv1vBPHave a nice day !
  3. Hi there people, I wanted to tell you about an offer of mine that is not going to last for long time, I'm selling all the gamepacks in a form of a unique bundle at the ridiculous price of 80$, 27 gamepacks, all ready to use instantly in your gameprojects, prototypes or mere testing purposes, Do not miss this golden opportunity as it will end by the end of december, There is the link where you can find this pack: Scirra store: http://bit.ly/1HGDiGt Creative market: http://bit.ly/1Iprd8z Also, if you love that style of mine, you can contact me for freelance work as I will be glad t
  4. Hi my name is fassous, and i'm a 2d pixelart spriteartist and game creator, It's been 2 years i did convert to selling assets, useful ones to devs who wants to create games, I'll be happy to share my creations with you, community, and hopefully to get some of my art sold, Here you can have a glimpse on what i do provide: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/fassous/ https://creativemarket.com/Fassous Also, you can follow me on twitter to get updated with new content: @rachidlansari Have a great day,
  5. Hello devmates, My name is Fassous ,I'm a game maker and assets provider (mainly 2dgameGFX packs) I suggest you to have a glimpse on my profile on Game dev market or Creative Market to get a clear idea of the kind of art i do provide, Gamedev market: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/fassous/ Down here is the last Gamepack i did create, Nes lovers'll be pleased with these gameassets that've been added to the store today, check it out under this URL: crtv.mk/r0DuZ You can reach me via my email: rachidlansari@gmail.com or skype: protector-z Have a good day
  6. Hi Everybody, I'm a pixel artist who sells art on gamedev market, I decided to go on taking people's work so you can get to see my work/portfolio on gdm under this URL: https://www.gamedevmarket.net/member/fassous/ you can reach me via this email: rachidlansari@gmail.com of via skype: protector-z may you gamedevs have a nice day, N.B: some of my work:
  7. Hello devmates, Hope you are doing great Just updated the store with a new Gameboy spritesheet and tileset, very cheap one yet very detailed gamepack (costs 4$) Find it under this URL : http://graphicriver.net/item/32-x-32-gameboy-action-tileset/10295954 http://graphicriver.net/item/32-x-32-gameboy-spritesheets-hero-and-foes-/10296206 Feedbacks are welcome
  8. Hello gamedev mates hope you are doing great, I wanted to say that i have updated the gamekit section with a new gameassets kit called 'shmup gamekit' Hope you will llike it It lies under this link: http://bit.ly/1GpAhZt Feedbacks are welcome Have a good day and get ready for ggj15
  9. Hello devmates, Hope you are doing great Just updated the store with a new gamepack named "spelunking gamkit", very cheap one yet very detailed gamepack (costs 4$) Find it under this URL : http://www.graphicriver.net/item/spe...author=Fassous Feedbacks are welcome
  10. You are totally right, Wrote it in french Thanks
  11. Hello gamedev people. Hope you are doing great. I recently began selling assets, mainly gamekits, spritesheets and tilesets, with very cheap prices. If you have some time, head for envato to see my creations. Feedback is welcome. Here is the link to my portfolio: http://graphicriver.net/user/Fassous/portfolio Have a good day. Sample of my work is attached below N.B: you can also follow me at graphicriver or on twitter at this link:https://twitter.com/rachidlansari
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