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    Video games !! I recommend Thrilll in every game and gameplay ! Entertainment entertainment entertainment !

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  1. Congrats !!And i didnt make any video game yet >﹏<
  2. Want to know how much generally a normal developer can earn with his/her games which are on rental ?
  3. Want to crack the playstore and app store.....i will create a game and will downloaded by over millions of people ......and will create a game first
  4. i am a non experienced game dev i just not understand the concept of licensing please explain what is non exclusive license ! I want to know if publishers buy my game's non exclusive license for $500 so will they pay me $500 per month or what?? Want to know about this...i am a newcomer.
  5. When i was a kid i was wondering all time about a game that will like this or that my own world i wish to create game for my own i want to create games for myself want to create and want to spread them all over to the world....... tablets and mini consoles these are the platforms which i m looking for ......but the mobile app store markets now getting harder to crack day by i went to web games .....and html5 is future ...!