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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm no longer looking for a developer for this. I appreciate the interest.
  2. I can assure you it is not fake at all. I am putting together a full spec and will provide it to anyone interested (and qualified). And yes, Photonstorm was one of the companies I contacted directly, but they are unavailable.
  3. I need to have someone develop an interactive HTML 5 game that encourages middle school students to explore career and college options, money management (including budgeting), wants vs. needs, and the impact of making choices. Students are are given a career (with salary) and then asked to make spending decisions and calculate their monthly budgets. The game is played on a wheel, with various categories around the outside of the wheel. Within each category are options. Students can choose one or more options within each category. The game stores in the information in an accessible database. I'm looking for qualified developers who can build this type of game. Please email me at Thanks.