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  1. hi iiceman...thanks for your response.. but it is working for lower part of mesh not for entire meshes kindly check this reference http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#OE1I9#3
  2. hi temechon.. Thanks for your response...but if we set y-axis how your define mesh will going up..we should not move the mesh up..
  3. Hi all; i am trying to collied the mesh with each other.. i am partially achived that but i am facing some propblem like when i collied the small mesh with big mesh its working fine but when i trying reverse like big mesh with small mesh collision is not working properly. kindly suggest me how to achive this.... here is the reference playground which i am checking http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#OE1I9 Thanks vahi:-)
  4. hi all, i can achieve the scene saving and loading, but what i expecting is i want to save the single mesh and its child instead of saving all the scene.then i want to load the saved mesh. how i can achieve this.kindly suggest me some eg and method to achieve thanks vahi
  5. hi wingnut, thanks for your response..:-) here i am attaching blender and babylon files for your references and i am using blender version 2.73.. then jagged line is (may be) graphic card issue..:-( i hope so.. thanks Vahi base1dc.zip
  6. hi wingnut thanks once again for you response.. here i am attached the blender image. After exporting to babylon, i am checking in sandbox, here i attached sandbox image also, if you see the handles its position is changed..is it camera angle problem..? thanks vahi
  7. hi all; i am creating meshes in blender i did parent and child relationship in blender. the problem is the position of child in blender is fine. but when i am export into babylon file the child position is changed. how i can solve this.. kindly give suggestion me,how i can achieve.. thanks vahi
  8. hi all, i am creating multiple meshes with parent and child relationship. Here my question is when i move the parent its corresponding child is moving nicely, but when i trying move the child it moving independently, but what i need is i want to disable the child movement or parent also move with child.. kindly suggest me how to do this thanks vahi
  9. Hi all, here i am creating dynamic wall by selecting mouse point.when some meshes are collided with wall the collision is not working and i want to create ground once room shape is completed..so kindly suggest me how i can achieve this.. here i am attaching my demo playground for reference http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1U68CD#12 Thnaks
  10. hi raananw. now i able to get the saved data..but previously i given camera target id as canvas now i change target position to [0,0,0]. Now its working fine.. but my question here if i give camera target id to canvas it wont work..?
  11. hi i checked in debug version error showing in this line.. Vector3.FromArray = function (array, offset) { if (!offset) { offset = 0; } return new Vector3(array[offset], array[offset + 1], array[offset + 2]); }; i am not getting which parameter i am missing
  12. hi all i am having some problem in loading scene..when i am loading the data it give some error like TypeError: a is undefined ...FromArray=function(a,c){return c||(c=0),new b(a[c],a[c+1],a[c+2])},b.FromArrayTo... could you suggest me what i am doing wrong..
  13. hi wingnut, thanks for reply... now i able to do change the color to same loaded mesh with different color.. what i did was i change the submaterial value what i assign to material.. now its applying fine ... thanks
  14. hi jc.. i am also having same problem when i loading data its gives TypeError: a is undefined ....FromArray=function(a,c){return c||(c=0),new b(a[c],a[c+1],a[c+2])},b.FromArrayTo...
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