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  1. why your are not paying me ? i sent you 10 payment request and didn't got any answer ! 

  2. Dear Jacobs Son, thanks for clearing that up. The user "Jacob Sam" was and still is basically a thief who continuously stole our games, published (and still publishes) them where he was strictly forbidden to do so and has the audacity to demand money from us. So naturally we are a little sensitive towards this criminal person. Regarding your topic: It might have been due to incorrect invoices, which we are not able to pay, unfortunately. But be sure that we always pay our partners. If I'm guessing correctly, your issue is already solved and we already had contact via mail. If not, please let me know anytime. Best, Lars from Famobi
  3. Dear Jacobs Son, first of all I'm not going to address the fact that your nick name is very similar to the one three posts above yours, whose only purpose was to somehow discredit Famobi after this particular person had stolen our games and used them as stand-alone apps, although we had strictly forbidden it when we were in direct contact with him. (Talking about thieves...) If a person intentionally betrays us, I believe everyone here will agree with us that this person will not get paid. By the way, we found out that this person has also uploaded our games to Amazon, as well as AGAIN uploaded them to Google Play. We're going to shut him down RIGHT NOW, just as a side note. Gamehouse games have also been stolen by this person... I'm sure it doesn't end there. Second of all we have always and will always pay our developers as well as our publishers. You need to write us an invoice to enable us to pay out the money that you have earned. Please get in contact with our support team to get things sorted out, if you have used our games legally. Can you share some info where you have published the games? Thank you, Famobi
  4. @Jacob Sam You have already been revealed to be the owner of Zapbooster, thusly being the person we're talking about here. Please remember, you yourself already stated earlier under your Jacob Sam account that you are waiting for money to be paid by us and even publicly posted your mail address "zapbooster@...". So no need to hide behind a fake account we know belongs to you anyway. As for the subject matter: In the very first email that we received you asked us if it is allowed to use our games as stand-alone apps. And you received an answer with THESE EXACT words: ""...it is NOT allowed to create "single-game apps" with our games." Now please tell me how this is open for discussion or misunderstandings? We did not shut down your account right from the first warning, because we don't work that way. If somebody makes a mistake or uses our games without authorization, we won't ban them immediately. People make mistakes, that's just the way it is. That's why we take the time and talk to them, making them aware that something is not right and giving them time to fix it. That's exactly what we did with you. We're sorry that right now we still have to discuss this topic here when we already made everything perfectly clear in our mails to you without exposing this subject here in the forum. But if you keep posting about it and even with the means of fake accounts to discredit us, it leaves us no choice but to set things straight. We would rather end this issue here and now and let it be. I think we have come to a conclusion and there is no need to stretch this any further. Thank you, Famobi
  5. Hey @Nulligma I completely understand what you mean. And as I said, we're sorry that there seemed to be a misunderstanding. I think the confusion on your side was that you thought of us as a classic publisher. Famobi is a distributor. We aggregate games from many fantastic developers around the world and distribute their games through our network. You developed a cool game and we were happy to get the chance to distribute it. As you may remember, we ourselves put a lot of work and effort in it to make it really run properly and make it fully eligible for our catalogue. Our aim is to focus on quality games, and yours was one of those that showed a lot of promise. We happily sat down and together with you optimized your game. We only do that with those games we really would love to distribute. Had we known that you would be uncomfortable with the deal we made, we would not have started distributing your game. We always aim to be as transparent as possible for anyone involved. That includes being completely open and honest. And please rest assured that we won't publish your game on Facebook. Now that we know you're uncomfortable with the situation, we won't actively publish your game to new channels. JUST TO BE CLEAR: we don't distribute non-exclusive games to other channels at all. These will only be available in our Famobi games catalogue to regular publishers such as games portals. With an exclusive license, yes. The games become an exclusive Famobi product then. But of course this means that we will pay a reasonable price to the developer. We are not forcing anyone to sell or license anything to us. But we have only made very good experiences with both non-exclusive and exclusive licenses in the past. We appreciate good content and will happily support quality games (or better: quality developers) with adequate prices any day. We know that you developers are the main pillar of the industry, thusly we would not even dream of being dishonest to anyone. @mentuat Thanks for the honest words. This forum is a good way of grouping all the good and wholehearted players of the industry together and help identifying the other ones... Cheers everyone, Famobi
  6. @Nulligma The difference is pretty simple: Exclusive means that all the rights of the game are passed on to us. We pay a much higher price for exclusive licenses, because the developer is not able to sell or license that particular game to any other third party anymore. For a non-exclusive license we pay a lower price, because all the rights remain at the developer. We will distribute the game in our network, but you still can sell and license your game to whomever you want. Would be awesome to have a monopoly on the HTML5 games market and control it all But in reality, there are so many ways and possible customers to sell such a game to besides the portals we distributed it to. That's the good thing for developers like you when selling non-exclusive licenses. We really appreciate that you can admit having made a mistake there. We surely weren't trying to lure you into anything you didn't want. It seems as though it has been a misunderstanding of the contract terms from your side, and we're sorry that this happened. For now, we won't be able to remove the game from our portfolio since we paid for it. But should you be looking to sell exclusive or non-exclusive licenses to us in the future, we will be happy to very clearly discuss everything in detail beforehand. Thanks for taking the time, Nulligma. Famobi
  7. Hi everyone, first of all thanks for the feedback. We would love to clarify the above mentioned issues here. @Jacob Sam In 2016 you started to publish our games as stand-alone apps, one game per app. This is not allowed and in August 2016 we contacted you to inform you about this. Three weeks later you still had our games in the app store, so we send you a second mail and advised you to remove our games from the app store. You started taking them down, but re-uploaded them only a few weeks later, although we told you several times it is not allowed. Even RIGHT NOW you are still publishing our games there. And under different accounts to disguise your actions. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/text-twister-word-birdy/id843602911?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/basketball-shooter-street/id1190168665?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/gd/app/text-twister-2/id1167692290?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/giana-mattos/id1175565732 All of the accounts you made lead back to you. Even in this forum here. And while you were writing us more than just a few emails about your missing payment (with not legally generated revenue) for the last couple of days, you even added someone from a completely different company (another distributor/publisher) in CC while speaking about Famobi internal things. This is a very unusual business behaviour. And not something we would want to discuss in an open forum. I hope this clarifies this issue a little bit for the people reading this. @Nulligma Hi there and thanks for the feedback as well. We're sorry you are not happy, but we think this needs some clarification as well. The issue you mention is something that you had specifically talked about with our content team. After you mentioned a sitelock, we explained to you that the game would be part of the Famobi portfolio and available for publishers to use the game on their portals. And your exact words were "This works for me". We prepared a contract that you signed, which again states that your game will be offered in our affiliate network portfolio. You never contacted us after that saying you were not happy with the partnership. You even offered us a new game a little time later, but you didn't mention anything about not being happy with what we agreed upon for your first game. We are very sorry if you feel treated improperly, but we think we cleared everything up with you and told you exactly what we would do with your game beforehand. You can write us anytime. We will always be eager to help. If there is something still up for discussion, please write to us anytime. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again, everyone, for your feedback and this wonderful forum. Wishing all of you a great weekend, Famobi
  8. Hi everyone. @MyDailyCashMachine Feel free to write us to one of the aforementioned mail addresses (probably best to info@). We will be happy to answer your questions. @True Valhalla I really appreciate your opinion. Criticism and suggestions are always welcome. And I definitely understand where you as a very successful developer are coming from. But I wanted to reply and maybe clarify the things you mentioned. We seem to both have the same reason to be in this business: making better games.The idea behind our company is spreading good games across the planet. Now I know that you are doing perfectly fine on your own and I find it very fascinating to read your various blogposts on your website. But not every developer has the means, the capacities or the experience to do the same. We don't just take games from developers and distribute them like that. What we actually do is run each game through our QA department and giving valuable feedback on optimization for different devices, performance, gameplay, etc. All based on our more than a decade long experience in this industry. Our goal is to help developers optimize their games and make them available to a broader audience. We take a lot of time and effort to give feedback and together with the developer make the best out of each game we're being submitted. We're being very fair to our developers in every way and they all know how much we appreciate their games. And furthermore we are very transparent with basically everything. We very frequently buy exclusive games from developers directly and we give out lots of developing jobs for these kinds of games. And of course no developer is obligated to distribute their games through us and they are free to decide when to do it. E.g. a dev can sell or license his game to partners as direct deals, before he turns to us in order to reach websites or companies that he himself wouldn't be able to or that he simply doesn't know. We have partners where Famobi is the exclusive HTML5 games provider, so a dev wouldn't be able to place his game there on his own. As I said, I completely understand your point of view based on the success and flourishing business you're running. But that's only a part of the industry and might not apply to everyone. Anyways, I hope I could shed some light on this issue. I really appreciate the feedback here. And if this helps to get a better insight into what we're all doing, it can only be good. Wishing everyone a great start of the week!
  9. Hi everyone, Famobi has been around for more than two years already, but somehow we haven’t actively taken part in this wonderful forum during this period. Many of you know us already and have published their wonderful games in our network. So first of all we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the fantastic games you create, thanks for making the HTML5 games industry the next big thing and thanks for just being really great people. After all you and your games are our daily business. And we have lots of fun with them. But even more important, our clients love them. We have spread your games to many portals, companies and brands and gave them the attention they deserve. Since your games have been the foundation of our company and its ongoing success, it’s only fair that we share with you our current state and upcoming projects. Of course we continue and steadily improve our daily work as a distributor of your games. We place them on all the biggest and most known portals around the globe. And new portals, big and small, are registering for an account at Famobi every day. Another focus right now is Facebook Instant Games. Shortly we will begin placing games in the Facebook messenger. So if you have amazing high score games with a quick and easy gameplay, let us know anytime. One can never have enough of those And in general, please continue to send us your games. There are no restrictions to genre or age. However we have a few requirements based on the needs of our clients and partners, that have proven to be crucial for maximum success. The games must be: Full responsive. Games must work in portrait and landscape mode. Without text. No texts means anyone will understand your game regardless of language. Small. Preferrably the file size should not exceed 3 MB. Smooth performance. Even on lower-end devices. We test our games from iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini upwards. These are a few examples of games that fulfill these requirements and that we really love: Solitaire Classic Street Race Fury 4 in a Row Classic Bottle Flip Challenge Mandala Coloring Book Backgammon Classic Kids Color Book 2 But before our post reaches the dimensions of a novel, let’s come to an end for now. For all those who didn’t know or contact us yet, you can reach us anytime under these addresses: Game submission: Please use our submit form right here: https://famobi.com/#contact General questions: info@famobi.com Purchase of games: sales@famobi.com Thanks so much and let’s continue to shape the industry! Cheers from the whole team!
  10. Dear forum members, some of you already know Famobi and know what we’re doing, but nevertheless it would be impolite to not introduce ourselves properly We’ve been participating in this forum for a while now and first of all we would love to take the opportunity to tell you, that it’s a pleasure to be among so many awesome people able and willing to push our industry further and further. It’s a lot of fun to see how HTML5 games have improved in quality over a rather short period of time. So, what do we do? Basically, Famobi is an HTML5 games affiliate service. We aggregate the best HTML5 games from developers and offer them to publishers worldwide. Developers and publishers both can earn lifetime revenue with Famobi through ads and in-game purchases. Furthermore, Famobi's aim is to connect companies worldwide that haven't got in touch with HTML5 games yet, independently from the sector or size. If needed, we even build complete whitelabel portals for publishers. We only started in November 2014 (of course with a team of very experienced casual- and online games industry professionals). In these few months we already managed to generate a monthly reach of over 30 million gameplays and more than 7 million unique users (February 2015, Source: Google Analytics). Our catalogue of free HTML5 games has grown to over 100 games as of now and is steadily increasing. As it is very important for us to have a well-balanced portfolio, we don’t focus on a specific genre but rather look for games that fit our catalogue well. At the moment we are in need of action, sports, casino and classic games. We also experience that our players like to play HTML5 versions of "trend games" that are popular in the app stores (Flappy Bird hype, for example). Just as a general guideline, quality is most important for us. That means high-quality graphics, a fun game play and sufficient game depth. The games should run smoothly cross-platform on PCs and mobile devices. For localization we prefer all text in sprite fonts. That’s the short version, since we didn’t want to write a whole novel here We’re happy to answer your questions if you want to know more about us. We’re looking forward to a great 2015 and hope that together we all can shape the HTML5 games industry in a good way. All the best, the Famobi team