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  1. Ho. May you help me to find out why material don't apply to loaded from json mesh? — loading model with THREE.MeshNormalMaterial() material — ок. — trying to load with texture — not ok. I create model with,save model as objthen convert obj to json with help of grunt-three-objloading it with THREE.JSONLoaderI think I do everything right … but somewhere I am wrong and get err: Code: var angle = .05,scene = new THREE.Scene(),camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(63, 4/3, 0.1, 1000),renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer({canvas: document.getElementById("screen"),antialias: true}),json_loader = new THREE.JSONLoader(),model = nulljson_loader.load('', modelLoaded, '');renderer.setSize(600, 400);camera.position.x = 0;camera.position.y = 0;camera.position.z = -10;function render() {if(model!=null){model.rotation.y+=.05;}requestAnimationFrame(render);renderer.render(scene, camera);}render();function modelLoaded(geometry, materials){model = new THREE.Mesh(geometry, new THREE.MeshNormalMaterial());model.position.z = 10;model.position.y = -8;scene.add(model);camera.lookAt({x:0,y:0,z:0});}With all best regards. Anton.
  2. What about usage of responsive design in games? Or at list scaling?
  3. I already see this example, thx. But I may really appreciate your explanation why it is bad for rendering casual mini-games if you please. I see the limitation in: 1. Only rectangles 2. Elements intersection results in flickering 3. Gecko fail to calculate overlapping on big amount of elements 4. Trident don't support transform-style: preserv-3d yet. 5. Webkit/Blink lose position:fixed if we apply 3d transform. Is there something else, that I don't find out yet?
  4. rich, when I make a talk or show demo and hear that I have a lot of unread emails I feel that something has gone terribly wrong…
  5. Casual game with single and multiplayer. Game will consist from couple of minigames. arcade/tower type. But why? What bad about CSS 3D Transforms as game engine?
  6. May you vote for this bug as high priority one?
  7. Hi. I create some models for my new game. What do think about them? Any comments?
  8. Hello.Great start. I like this game. Well you may allow users to create or destroy blocks (only certain number maybe?) and adventurers will look for exit by themself (use pathfinding algorithm).Also you may add multiplayer.One player will play for goblins to eat all adventurers and will control goblins also by adding/removing blocks.Or two adventurers teams — who first will find exit. Also, it may be way cooler if you will add texture to ground and some sprite-animation of characters movements. With all best regards.
  9. silentimp

    Chi Garden

    I think this is almost complete game. for example terraformation game. you need to grow plants to get air on some planet you may add different types of ground, different types atmosphere, etc. and then you will get great puzzle game.
  10. silentimp


    Done. So what do you think about game?
  11. silentimp


    Hi. I create html5 game Renju (5 in the row) with hot-seat and online mode. — russian version — english version — source code. Sorry for poor english. Fast translation. Pure CSS+HTML+JS. Backend server working use node.js I don't use canvas or WebGL. Webkit+Geko Graceful degradation in Trident. — rules Comments appreciated.
  12. Nothing happening when ships are land on the cube. Don't get idea. Don't like fly on the arrow also. From idea point of view — nothing new. Just ordinar earth defence.