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  1. Big thanks to @Vierarmig for his work in creating the sound atmosphere of our new game Relic Runway There are a lot of heroes with their own charismatic voices. Great environment sounds are from specific ground steps to 3D waterfall SFX. And sure the music is gorgeous! If you ask @Vierarmig for sound for your project it will be in good hands
  2. It's our internal Java Script game engine.
  3. Skate Hooligans game was submitted to this site a years ago It embedded here with iframe sandbox mode to block outgoing links, so it works like the demo-version at the moment.
  4. I'm sorry, but the game is not for sale at the moment.
  5. Player clicks button, game hides its canvas and shows IMA SDK elements, loads IMA SDK, loads video ad, does all other SDK work and finally google.ima.AdsManager start method call. Then game listens for finish events of an ads, hides IMA SDK elements and shows its canvas. All java script code of getting it to work is on many IMA SDK tutorials, like link above
  6. Thanks! And thanks for note. Sure we don't want to violate any copyright. These characters are stereotype for that type of game setting (adventure, artefacts, ancient etc.). Maybe we'll make more differences for characters soon.
  7. Thanks! It's Google IMA SDK. There are many information about how to implement it in code, like here
  8. Thanks! Yes, all 3d models, 2d assets and sounds were made from scratch.
  9. RELIC RUNWAY Are you ready for crazy adventures? Run as far as you can, collect coins, upgrade useful bonuses, pick up parts of ancient relics, unlock amazing characters, and compete with your friends to be the best relic runner! LINK: https://gemioli.com/relicrunway/ MAIN FEATURES: Beautiful and dangerous Inka Ruins 10 brave heroes to unlock A lot of ancient relics to discover on your way Play with your Facebook friends And it's free for embedding on your website <iframe src="https://gemioli.com/relicrunway/" name="Relic Runway" w
  10. Top Shootout: The Saloon Yeti Sensation Skate Hooligans More our games are on https://gemioli.com
  11. Hey, The game is still in active development We did many features: Missions to upgrade score multiplier Daily challenge - collect some items to get Stars to unlock tricks Facebook Leaderboard with our own backend based on Google Cloud New heroes and skateboards! Also we were faced with some technical issues like ads.txt because we have AdSense For Games ads in the game. All emails we've sent to publishers were gone to trash so we implemented Demo/Full version. The game checks the publisher's ads.txt file via our backend and if it has our Google ads identi
  12. Our CPMStar's ecpm is 0.32$ in last month, AdSense for Games's ecpm is 1.7$ If AFG doesn't have video advertisement for the interstitial we use CPMStar's banner instead.
  13. Thanks for feedbacks! We've updated the game with new location AMUSEMENT PARK You have to find all T-Rexes in SUBWAY to unlock it. Also there is the new character and his skateboard as well. The game had been approved by AdSense team for advertisement in July. But unfortunately they haven't rewarded video advertisement at the moment. So we've implemented AdSense as interstitial video advertisement. We are looking for a rewarded video advertisement partners now and there is no luck yet. And some statistics for 6 months as usual: 37 millions of plays 26k websites
  14. We also have all games with Ads. I post results of latest game here This game and website have passed the review process of Google AdSense Team a week ago. And I have to say that the revenue with Google AdSense is better than CPMStar network which we are using in all our games. The eCPM of AFG for our traffic is 0.69$ and CPMStar's eCPM is 0.40$ yesterday. Unfortunately AFG hasn't Rewarded Video Ads And it's bad for the Skate Hooligans game because we have rewarded video monetization here. yep, the same issue for me We've used proxy as well.
  15. It's a periodical process. Each week we watch peaks at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please see the attached screenshot.
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