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  1. Hello guys, I am looking for some particle effects generator. I would like to have something like this but i MUST HAVE possibility to export effect as PNG spritesheet and I wasnt able to find any single useful editor with such possibility Dont you know about some ? Thanx !!!
  2. Thax for an answer Ivan but in all honesty, I am not sure that I know what are you talking about How may I patch that InteractionManager ?
  3. Maybe I could somehow use native (non-pixi) events on the canvas and manage them without PIXI.
  4. Try to use something like this .. function createClickListener(temp, i) { temp.pointerdown = function() { onClick(i); }; } Call this function in the body of your loop
  5. Hello, I have found another problem after upgrade from PIXI2 to PIXI4 This time it is about mouse interaction, it seems like that I cannot handle both buttons held simultaneously as it worked with PIXI2 I am using right button (with mousemove) to navigate character on the map while left button (with mousemove) is used to move map and it is really usefull to use it both at once. Simply put .. window.stage.mousedown = function(event) { log("LEFT DOWN"); }; window.stage.rightdown = function(event) { log("RIGHT DOWN"); }; If I am HOLDING left button and click with right - no event is fired If I am HOLDING right button and click with left - no event is fired Same problem - and probably even worse - is when I am moving (holding right button down), then I cannot interact with another objects at the same time (because left button doesnt fire any event). I have tried pointerdown instead of mousedown, but then right button fired both events which is also wrong. This is really big issue if that possibility is removed in PIXI4 Someone faced that problem ? Thanx in advance
  6. I know that it is not optimized too much (I have better optimizations on animations and such but these are suspended now as I tried to isolate root cause of this particular problem). We are trying it with my friedns and it crashes on some device while dont crash on some others (all are Android with Chrome browser). It seems that it is definitely problem with older devices (although setting "legacy" attribute on PIXI.Application doesnt help). Whats weird to me is, that it worked nicely with older PIXI versions, we have played it for months. Dont you know about some utility to debug these webGL crashes ? I dont have any underlying info .. it just says that it crashed :-/ EDIT: According to memory leaks, I had them earlier and they behaved differently - it always slowed down after some while (as GC took all over the place) and then it ultimately crashed. This behavior is different, it doesnt slow down at all .. it just suddenly crash.
  7. Problem might be simulated on following URL, just login as GM1 (no password) and select "touchscreen" radiobutton. You will see character on the island and try to walk around shore, on my phone, it crashes after several steps (my friend is testing on better phone and doesnt have this problem so far, it might suggest that it has something to do with older devices)
  8. Thanx for your reaction Ivan. I dont use any particular optimizations so far - I rerender whole background each time I move to another tile (texture has size cca 1200 * 900). The reason why I dont have any other optimizations is that I didnt need them so far - at PIXI2 I had fine 55 - 60 FPS on my old Samsung Galaxy S3, I am used to optimize when I need and not too much in advance. I would guess that bad optimization should only affect FPS, not cause WebGL crash right ? In curent situation there is just simple reading from array and creating tile sprites at each character step, nothing more nothing less. I may publish it if it might help ? It takes me just several minutes. EDIT: As I stated - adding all these sprites directly to the stage works well (just slower than with RenderTexture offcouse) and dont cause crash.
  9. Hello guys, I am officialy stuck in desperation I have upgraded from Pixi2 to Pixi4 (4-7-3) and RenderTexture causes crashes on Android Chrome (no problem on desktop). I have 2D RPG game with tilebased background map, tiles are rendered to RenderTexture which is then added to the stage - this worked perfectly with Pixi2 (and Pixi3 too) but stopped to work after upgrade to Pixi4. It crashes WebGL after several seconds of walking around. I have tried hour and hours of experiments to figure out what exactly is the cause, but no success. It worked with PIXI2 and PIXI3 which means that I dont have anyhing fundamentally wrong there. Side notes: 1. Working on canvas renderer 2. Working when sprites are rendered directly and not into RenderTexture (but slow on mobiles) 3. Tried textures with power of 2 resolutions - didnt help My approach is like this //Create render texture and sprite that is containing it var mapTexture = PIXI.RenderTexture.create(Data.gameWidth + 252, Data.gameHeight + 252, PIXI.SCALE_MODES.LINEAR, 1); var bgSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(mapTexture); // Place that sprite to the stage window.stage.addChild(bgSprite); .... // Whenever character moves, terrain is rerendered function renderTerrain() { // Container that will be rendered to the texture var mapContainer = new PIXI.Container(); // Array with sprites var sprites = []; // Loop that is taking tile data from array, making sprites based on them for (mapX = startMapX; mapX < startMapX + 32; mapX++) { picY = 0; for (mapY = startMapY; mapY < startMapY + ScreenMgr.viewHeight + 8; mapY++) { var tileId = window.worldmapProcessed[mapX][mapY]; if (tileId == -1) { picY = picY + 42; } else { // Create sprite, position it and push to the array var field = new PIXI.Sprite(window.tiles[tileId]); field.x = picX; field.y = picY; sprites.push(field); picY = picY + 42; } } picX = picX + 42; } // Loop through array and add sprites to the mapCointainer for (var i = 0; i < sprites.length; i++) { mapContainer.addChild(sprites[i]); } // Render container to the texture window.renderer.render(mapContainer, mapTexture); // Empty container mapContainer.removeChildren(); } I will be really glad for some help, this game is my life and I dont want to stay stuck on PIXI2 with it
  10. Hello guys, I am facing very annoying problem - android chrome stopped to fire events when in fullscreen mode. It was working for months without any problem but suddenly it stopped, probably with some latest version of android chrome. Have you noticed that problem too ? It happened with several of my games at once, not just one of them and I didnt do any changes in games thus it must be chrome´s problem. If you run this game on your android chrome device, then it will not work But it will work in no-fullscreen mode without problem (use back-button to switch from fullscreen to no-fullscreen). I will create simple test page for it at sunday to isolate any other possible causes. Edit: If I hold finger on top of steering / thruster controller, then after like 500ms it will trigger event once (and short vibration happens)
  11. stealman

    Space Ace

    Hello, thanx for that info about blank login ;-) You dont fire your weapons explicitly - it automatically fires when you are close enough to some enemy. Your main weapon has 360° radius, but secondary weapons only 180°.
  12. stealman

    Space Ace

    Hello guys ! I would like to introduce my latest game Space Ace - actually the first one that I have done completely as it supposed to be. It is made in HTML5 using plain PIXI and Apache Tomcat server to provide HTML content and websocket listener. Originally it was meant to be PVP game but once I have realized that there will never really be more than one or two players online simultaneously (it is very common among most of indie games), I decided to make it more soloplay focused with multiplayer just as a nice to have. Game controlls and features are described on login page so I will not duplicate it here Feel free to play and enjoy and I am looking forward for some comments, here is URL -
  13. Hello, it is quite a nice game !! I just wanted to let you know that I know that feeling of constant update needs, bug tracking and fixes and so on .. and how it becomes frustrating. I was in simmilar situation two years ago with my MMORPG I made alone. When I launched it, it was cool and I enjoyed it really well with other players but after 6 months I felt totally exhausted and wasnt able to keep it up all by myself - thats why I have to suspend that game temporarily (but probably forever). What helped me was creating "simpler" games instead - games that scale on their own (no predefined content that need to be scaled up) I am still hoping to revive my MMO some day, but I will not do it alone anymore as it is unbearable (with full time job to earn for living). I have one question if I may - how did you promoted your game in the first place ? I mean .. I am facing the same problem all over again with all my multiplayer games - there is never at least several players online at once. Someone comes in and is alone there, leaves and never come back again, lot of people wrote me that game itself is fine but unplayable without some other players, that made me think about meaningfulness of creating multiplayer games at all cos such games are usually boring when played solo. I am not sure if I described that problem well but I think you know what I am talking about - the constant flow of players that actually meet each other ingame is what I have never succeeded to have. My last project (I will publish it here today) is also multiplayer but it is focused mainly on solo play against NPC´s with multiplayer just as a cherry on top - it is sad but I didnt want to make the same mistake again
  14. Hello, how this game is running on IOS / Android devices ? I have tried to build much less complicated games using Cocoonjs. Games worked on mobile devices but at terrible frame rate, I wasnt able to get as many FPS as I have in browser. I cannot imagine your game running on my Galaxy S3 .. and if it does, then I want to know how :-D I think Cordova as well as Cocoonjs just package scripts into an application using webview container right ? It doesnt convert into "real native app" I think. Your game looks pretty awesome ;-)
  15. stealman

    Chrome freezing

    Yes I will I thought that you know it from your memory. If not .. offcourse I will look try and see thanx.