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  1. Late conclusions Motion blur can be annoying and dizzy, so often skip it Builtin motion-blur seems to be useful only for camera movements or maybe single object moving My case where the camera chase a car, I don't get the wanted speed effect with motion blur on environment and not the car I achieved the effect partly with not clear buffer and alpha on objects, but maybe annoying have to think about it..
  2. Thanks for the answers. I'm not sure I get the effect I wanted with motion-blur-feature, when camera follow an object it still get motion-blur, and hard to control, increased motion blur look unnatural. So I guess I have to learn about render targets then.
  3. Hello! Is it easy to mix current rendered screen with last to get a motion effect, for example like if you draw a screen with 80% alpha, you will get small trails from earlier ones. Kind regards Tomas
  4. Hand.js it doesn't happen so often on my iphone, but just so you know, maybe it's not a too important issue.
  5. I change it now and then but its still running on HTTP:// in the end the lightmap (2000x2000 at the moment) going to take quite much space. But its at least fast on mobile. the big guys doing realtime lighting, I'm stuck with baking.
  6. I edited to be more clear. When you use the left finger to control movement on iphone, if you happen to touch near the left edge (starting to drag to previous page in browser) the delta move value become high and you run very quickly at left which feels little strange and buggy. It would be nice if there was a solution for this. kind regards Tomas
  7. Going forward and playing with light in blender... but it's hard to make this dynamic..
  8. I decided to recreate my childhood house from memory as a project, quite roughly going into details later. I create in Sketchup, bake different AOs in Blender to a secondary lightmap texture with Photoshop and export to Babylon. The style is not final. Cycles light rendering look nice but not sure how well it work with dynamic lighting/shadows. It's quite easy doing the whole scene once, but smaller separate parts going to take more time. At some point I guess the scene going probably to be too complex and some kind of delayed loading/enable areas. Implemented one mirror. Maybe some moving things later. You learn how damn hard it is to finish a nice looking project in 3D, a lot of ideas, but it's very complex. Maybe more fun to just create little worlds to explore as art. kind regards Tomas
  9. Sorry for not being clear, I have baked shadow/light information in a secondary texture on all environment. So if a table has baked shadows 50% darker on the floor, I don't want the dynamic shadow of player add another 50% making it darker. This sounds though like quite complex shader programming. In theory I could render out everything in hard black shadows and mix this 50% with another render that has no shadows at all, causing shadow opacity of 50%. With baked light/shadows you can render out endless complex smooth lighting, the problems come when you want to add dynamic shadows. Adding dynamic shadows to a whole scene is often too expensive.
  10. Hello, I wonder if there some possible solution for this in babylonjs, probably too tricky but I give it a try. Baked shadows look nice and smooth but very static, and dynamic shadows easily become expensive, so question is how to mix these to come somewhere near a realistic result. Can you merge lightmap-textures and dynamic with shadows with like "darken" without getting the double effect? What I can see it become very complex with two renderings, mixing and postprocessing and stuff. kind regards Tomas
  11. Thanks that looks very promising, was hard to find information about that.
  12. That is a solution of course. Actually I have not been into VR at all before and just tested out some apps with Google cardboard. Maybe my expectations were too high of doing some kind of public 3D game where you moving around, shoot or pick stuff with some action button (or double click). Thanks for all answers.
  13. Ok I thought I missed something here, but of course it's not babylonjs fault with the lack of controls and js support of the magnet button. Was just happy that I could do mobile VR stuff and release on the web, til I understood that I can't click with cardboard/plastic VR stuff.. can just wait for the standards..
  14. Hello, I tried the VRDeviceOrientationCamera and looks good on mobile, but how do you interact/move in the world, like check if the magnet button is pressed? kind regards Tomas