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  1. Well that's food for thought. Thank you rich. Anyone else had a play yet?
  2. Cheers ezelia. I like your abstracted interface idea. As Html5 devs what would be your choice of engine for writing a game? Whilst I completely accept that decoupling the emitter would be of benefit, I thought CreateJS was a popular engine.
  3. @paratron Thank you for highlighting the need to use images with the emitter - this is actually existing functionality, I simply haven't mentioned it in my blog. I will update the blog later to reflect this. By default the emitter will you simple circle particles, unless an image is supplied in the constructor, in which the emitter will use that instead. I like the idea of vector paths and this is something I will look into. Thanks for that. With regards to the shape for the emitter, it's an interesting idea. The emitter currently supports an x and y position variance which may go some way to delivering what you suggest. All in all, thanks very much for your feedback. @rich It was a conscious decision of mine to couple this with createjs as I see this framework as the up and coming serious contender for making games in html5 (And at the very least, it is the one im currently using fr the game we are currently writing). As such, I wanted to give the community an emitter implementation that would fit straight in without any hassle. However, I see your point, and given that paratron has also enquired about this, I will put some serious thought into decoupling it from createjs. Thanks so far, and keep the feedback rolling in, it's very encouraging for me!
  4. Ah fantastic, glad you like it rich. With regards to the issues you are experiencing... The huge circle occurs when one of the properties are not filled in. I'm planning on adding some better error trapping to handle this. With regards to the rectangles, that's slightly more perplexing. But thanks for reporting it, I shall look into that further.
  5. Hello everyone, Pardon my intrusion, i would simply like announce my new javascript library for creating particle effects, along with the free editor. ParticleEmitterJS is a free extension for the CreateJS suite of JavaScript libraries, allowing developers to quickly add visually spectacular particle effects to their projects. It has been heavy influenced by other particle emitter implementations available in other frameworks, particularly Cocos2d. In addition, we have created an editor which will give you the power to easy configure your own particle emitter and export the necessary code for use in your own work. Go to for more info, and let me know what you think!