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  1. Hi guys, I have a game in which I used easeljs. I usually code and test on 'DroidScript' tool. But, when I started testing on Android Browsers, I was shocked to find that touch doesn't work on createjs objects. I'm using touch on Bitmap, which on touch draws shapes on stage. Is this issue familiar with anyone ? Is there any workaround for this ? Regards, Sankarshan
  2. Hi, Actually there is no problem of performance. HTML and JS can be as fast as native code. In this forum, there is a topic called ' Learning to write good JavaScript'. Follow the basic guidelines. There are advantages of html5/js combo too. You can target whole html games market along with native markets. That certainly gives you wider range of distribution choices. And leads to more Revenue. Certainly, a good idea is to use a framework. There is site called . And I think you can find good opinions about frameworks on the forum too. Choose the framework that suits your needs the best. For a platformer, you can go for Phaser etc. Because, it eases physics with game design. Hope that helps. Regards, Sankarshan
  3. Sorry... There's no special group of topics for createjs. I'm getting error : map1 is not defined in my DroidScript IDE. I haven't had time to go further but I'll try to troubleshoot when I get time. Regards, Sankarshan
  4. Hi guys, I'm thinking of creating an online game. I code only on android using a tool called 'DroidScript'. In the game, I'd just feed data from players ( a few from each one ) and names of some to players. Then I could retrieve the data and then, reward the players. Can I actually be able to do this while working from android ? If yes, what choices of servers do I have ? What can be the price range ? Or should I just use some other service for achievements and rankings ? P.S. I have no experience of server-side. Regards, Sankarshan
  5. Hi GSquadron, Ninja and menu look cool. Awesome I think. Bamboo background suits ninja but other two bgs aren't suitable. For better example, you can take any from the game 'Ninja Jump'. And then, some chinese castles etc. would be better for a ninja, I think. Regards, Sankarshan
  6. Hi ElProxador, Please move the thread into special Easeljs/createjs topics. We can continue discussion there. And remember to delete this thread. Regards, Sankarshan
  7. I am with you, guys. Its best to get on with the idea and solve the problems as you encounter them. I think you don't need any planning until you're working on something as complex as FIFA or you know.
  8. Hi guys, I am planning to create a Brick Breaker game in HTML5. Which framework is more robust for such games ? Can you recommend the best one please ? And where can I get best art for it ?
  9. Thanks again. Your old-school trick looks awesome. But, actually I found that easel ignores objects having 0 alpha. 0.001 too didn't work. But, 0.01 works. Fill is almost invisible. That's great trick. Appreciate your help. Regards, Sankarshan
  10. Thanks dimumurray. It helps a lot. I have another question. When you draw only with beginStroke a circle, i can't use getObjectUnderPoint properly. e.g. I used mp = new createjs.Shape();"#00bb00")drawCircle(57,146,32); stage.addChild(mp); stage.removeChild(stage.getObjectUnderPoint(57,146)); stage.update(); I also changed params of getObjectUnderPoint but nothing works. Also, mp.x and mp.y both are returning 0. But, I need to remove them. And one more thing, beginFill works properly. Thanks, Sankarshan
  11. Hi guys, How can I create an unfilled circle with easeljs ? Is it possible ?
  12. Hi Guys, I am new here and HTML apps. I want to create HTML games using phaser on my Android device. How can I do it ? Regards, Sankarshan