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  1. Interesting ! Thank you, i will try with this function !
  2. I have the same result as you for now, but no parallax in your gif ?
  3. Your character is everytimes on the center of the screen ?
  4. I know that... But when camera is following a sprite, first the sprite is moving to the center of the screen, after that, the camera is mooving , and last, the camera stoped and sprite is moving again. How could i create the parallax effect only when the camera is moving ?
  5. *And i Need to make parallax elements moove only when camera is mooving ? Thank you
  6. How can i relying the camera movement with one sprite ?
  7. Hi Everybody ! I'm working on a game with camera follow, and many plans on background. Is there a solution to make them moved at differents speeds ? To create parallax effect :). Thank you !! And sorry for my english ^^..
  8. for everyboy, do never create tilesprites on two differents states with same name.... It's solved all my probs... Thanks all !
  9. I Rich, Same prob on safari with 960x640 images ? Need help please..
  10. Try this : game.time.events.add(Phaser.Timer.SECOND * 2, this.destroy, this);
  11. Like that : yourSprite.animations._anims.yourAnim.speed = speedYouNeed ;?
  12. It's return 1 for canvas ans 2 for webgl , it s looks like perfect
  13. Yes... I saw.... I need to keep it in the code...
  14. Hi, How could i know if my canvas is on webgl or canvas render mode ? Thanks !
  15. Yes.. I think it's too now.... Very problematics for my projects...
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