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    Mr T Thanks, I like bitmap anyway as I can have blood, liquid, fire, candy, cloud, etc fonts if they are bitmap, and I dont have to worry about monospace, so its a win win. I caught wind of pixi.js' tinting which solves my problem perfectly. I have only done a minor test, but it was hugely successful and I suspect I wont have further problems. Example 17 Thanks dferasmus
  2. dferasmus


    Dear Panda.js I would like to minimise my usage of images in a little tile based 'gem' game. Its a match three game, as might have be seen in an earlier post. I was thinking of making a few gems and turning them into greyscale - this will reduce the size of each gem as a side benefit. Then Id like to place a colour flood over, or under, the gem using "graphics.drawRect" and make the one on top have a opacity of 50%. Would this work? Will I have a problem with the background? Are there functions like multiply, screen, etc that I could use to only act on non-transparent pixels? Also, I have been looking into text and noticed "game.PIXI.Text". Could I run into trouble with this between devices, such as positioning, scale, hires, and stuff? If I confirm it on one device will it be identical on others? Would it rather be recommended to use bitmap graphics? Thanks dferasmus
  3. @Ninjadoodle! Nice, it works great, I can even emulate it on the PC by resizing the browser. @4x is huge! I assume you included scaling the background too, which ends up at 2560 x 1920; better than I have at home. You suggest larger?! Can any device handle this kind of resolution? I think Im having trouble with the white/black space. I designed a pic at 640x480 and set the viewport to 480 to 320, but cant convince myself that the background is larger than the viewport. Could this be a PC problem? I left "idtkScale:'scaleAspectFit',// COCOON JS" out. I guess that wasnt directly related? Ill investigate it later. Thanks! What is sitelock, version and name for? Is this purely text or do they have a function beyond indicating intellectual property? I pretty much copied "game.System.orientation = game.System.LANDSCAPE;" from elsewhere as it is self explanatory and I thought it was needed. Now that Ive been thinking about layout I realise that some games should only be playable in 'landscape' while others should utilise two formats of layout, for horizontal and vertical. Is it possible to detect alignment? Should I just enforce landscape, Is it a standard? I noticed a comma after "storage", are there any other tidbits your hiding Thanks dferasmus
  4. Ninja, that is awesome and answers my questions well. Ill process the info this eve. Thanks! Pixel / enpu, minimise! That makes SO much sense! In going to a platform I totally forgot about whitespace, etc. Something I used to be very pedantic about; I grew up on 9600 dialup! Ill investigate "panda build" this eve too. Thanks dferasmus
  5. Dear Panda I created a small game and noticed that a default screen size was set. Is the size set in pixels? Is the size 640 x 480? Why was this default chosen? Is it for the aspect ratio 4:3 or is it legacy VGA? I tested the game on a friend's Galaxy S4 mini and it appeared similar as on my desktop (both having had space to the sides not dedicated to the game). Is it recommended to remain on this resolution? What benefit would 16:9 have? Are modifications to the screen resolution recommended to be made in config.js in the game folder? The reason I ask is because I wish to upgrade my graphics and plan the layout and size of the sprites. Thanks dferasmus PS: Why is there a dev.html and index.html. And what is "game.min.js" used for?
  6. PS. I really liked the head-bobbing-Panda... gonna miss that panda...
  7. OUCH! Ok, got it, thanks. Panda.js 1.12.0 for the win. Thanks dferasmus
  8. enpu Nevermind, got it. Thanks. I can see the gifs as not found. Ill tackle this tomorrow and if I have trouble Ill post then. Thanks
  9. enpu Awesome, and thanks for the fast reply. I suspected it was the images. What do you mean by view my console? Im used to asm, embedded c, visual studio, etc, so Im not famialiar with web code lingo. Maybe point me to a tut or post that deals with it. Ill update the version tomorrow, thanks. Please confirm that this is the link to the latest version. Thanks dferasmus
  10. Dear Panda.js I fought through some code to get a mockup of an old game I created to be written in "Panda.js". Its crude, but now complete, and serves as an introduction to Panda.js. Off line the game works, but online it only loads up to 70%. The online game is located here. The code is located here. Please have a look. I only have guesses that would take me a long time to verify. I did try to look through the engine, but couldnt make much progress. I suspect the locations of the images is the problem though. Bonus question 1: How could I neaten up the text functioning. I initially tried writing it as a separate class so I can make multiple lines, but succeeded only in getting frustrated. Bonus question 2: What would be the best way to have multiple "views" that I can switch between, eg. welcome screen, play field, high scores, settings, etc. Thanks dferasmus