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  1. Thanks @aaryte! Actually this version is not fully mobile optimized so far also tilt control doesn't work yet.. but I'm working on it and gonna be available for mobile soon., Yes, the game's about getting more and more points collecting coins and keeping bouncing and hopping , and you're doing good on mobile so far, maybe you should try it one PC , there are some people getting +400k .. I don't even know how they got there XD
  2. Thanks Tobiasz, I don't know why you are facing these issues (maybe cuz game requires webGL , but there's windows version that should work fine on itch and gamejolt.
  3. PIX HOP Hop, Bounce, Fall and Hop again ! Pix hop, simple endless platform game. You control a bouncy white square collecting coins and avoiding lovely colored enemies. [ Available on: GameJolt, itch.io , Newgrounds] Game supports GameJolt API , Don't forget to log in [ press G in Menu] with your Game Jolt account to Submit yourHighscore and achieve trophies [ Guests are allowed to submit scores make sure to change your name [press N in Menu ] Use Left and Right Arrows to Move [ Keyboard ] Use Left-Click Mouse to move [Mouse] Use Left and Right Arrows to Move [ Gamepad ] (Not compatible with all browsers) Waiting your feedbacks, suggestions and have fun playing Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRockAbdo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bnoogames/