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  1. Hi Blender Community


    We have a problem with picking a mesh, i.e. selecting the desired object, and the rendering of certain elements.

    1. We have a .3DS file with our design which was originally created by Revit 2014.
      Since there is no exporter we installed the exporters for Blender version 2.73a and 3D Studio Max 2015.

      When importing the .3DS file into blender and back to .babylon I am able to successfully select the object via an EventListener by interrogating the PickResult.

      If we export this same file via 3D Studio Max I am not able to select the active mesh.
      The pickResult.pickedMesh returns null.

      I am able to set collisions successfully with both exported files.

      Is there some setting or something that we need to do to get the 3D Studio Max Exported Version to export a clickable mesh like blender does?

    2. In our design there are certain elements which are missing when rendering the object.

      Or object contains 4 racks, but only the bottom 2 displays.
      The bottom one is different from the one above.

      The top one is duplicated in the design as it is the same object and we believe this is why the duplicates are not showing.

      What can we adjust in the design to make them show?