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  1. Hey Tom,

    I saw that you released a few games for the Gamee Platform.

    I checked their developers page but couldn't really quickly find what kind of revenue models they offered developers.

    You have worked with them for a while so I was wondering if you had some insight into this.



    1. Tom Atom

      Tom Atom

      Hi Ed,

       as far as I know, they do not take games from public. I am in "hired gun" cooperation with them. They are managing whole game process from start to end - they come with idea, graphics and sounds and I only make code. It is different from when working on my own games.

       They are local company and some time ago, they were looking for game developer. One friend of mine recommended me and after one test game they asked, whether I would like to continue.


    2. Goblet Ed

      Goblet Ed

      I see. Thank you for your reply. I was curious because you were popping up in game showcase often with games you made for Gamee. Got me thinking.

      Have a good day and your games rock! :D