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  1. Interesting gameplay! But some floors are impassable for me. But I still try! Good luck!
  2. Very nice! Looks good and plays good.
  3. Looks great! How do you did the lights? How do you did pixel effect? I heard that it's hard to make pixelization in HTML5.
  4. Thank you guys, that's best feedback. The gameplay is experimental so I'm looking for variants now. > most challenging to understand part is the physics It seems true. Maybe I can visualize any physical characteristics of asteroids and shoot params.. I'll think about that.
  5. I searching for ways to start making money with HTML5 game dev, so all your thoughts will be usefull. https://googledrive.com/host/0Bzma_-JMQlddfjllbTRiZE5pdDBvck4tOWRKZEcxT0FaNXN1MHZMekFPdWxPVzVvblhwYWM You need to launch a rocket and resque aliens from planets to base. In future I plan to add twits with replays. What do you think about this? PS. Optimization in progress
  6. Very fun and addicting game, but death screen is too sharp. Also bonus gfx looks a little bit piecemeal. Still a must-play!
  7. Nice graphics! Well played on my Android tablet. I guess you can add hotkeys above little victims in browser version.
  8. Hi guys, have you seen anywhere some service that allows to fill and get a leaderboard by GET requests? I need a service like Apple GameCenter leaderboard (or Swarm or something else), but available from every platform through ajax
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