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  1. I don't know if the fix was related to this topic since nobody answered me but I have tested 2.4.6 Baerlon and this issue is not happening, so it's fixed for me.
  2. Hi, I have found a bug in the Phaser framework. I have a system to play different games, so I have a menu where the user can select a game and, after playing 1 minute, go back to the menu and select other game (or the same). When the user finish the game, I use "game.destroy()" to delete all content. To save memory, I'm reusing the game object and I'm saving the Phaser object in a variable, so from the second time the Phaser object is the same: if (taskGame) { game = taskGame; game.state = new Phaser.StateManager(game, { preload: preload, create: create,
  3. I'm investigating this issue and I have more information: - Is not happening in the same game running in the browser, only in the mobile device. - Is related with the Phaser graphics class I use to draw circles, if I remove the part of the code that draws the circles the problem is not happening. I'm using the same code as here in the example to draw a circle progress: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/display/arc-details First time works, but second time after I kill the graphics and the game with this code: arc.destroy(); arc = undefined; game.destroy(); game = undefi
  4. Hello all, I have a game that is built with Phaser and converted to Android apk using Cordova. When I play to the game first time is ok, but when I finish, killing all and reload, something weird is happening with the display, does anybody knows why? any experience with something similar to this? (I'm attaching an image of the weird triangles). Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello all! I'm having a problem developing a Phaser game for mobile devices, the aspect ratio is fixed as 4:3, so I adjust the canvas size to keep that aspect ratio. When the user is changing the orientation, the canvas is keeping the same aspect ratio but is getting bigger. My problem is when I set the new size to Phaser game object, it is upscaling the content inside and is pixelated. My code looks like this: var taskAspect = 4/3, screenHeight = window.innerHeight, screenWidth = window.innerWidth, screenAspect = screenWidth / screenHeight; if
  6. Maybe it should work, I will try, but that way Phaser is creating a canvas and then rewriting it, is bad for performance. Is not possible to tell Phaser "ey dude, this is the canvas I have for you, don't create one!"? Is a pity!
  7. Yes, I need to create the canvas by myself. How can I do what you say? Can you please give me an example? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I want to take control of the canvas the game is rendered but when I specify the element ID to Phaser.Game parameter, it is creating a new canvas inside it. If I have this: <div id="taskContainer"></div>And I do this: new Phaser.Game(200, 400, Phaser.AUTO, "taskContainer");Phaser is creating the canvas and adding to the div like this: <div id="taskContainer"> <canvas></canvas> </div>OK, but I want to specify the canvas, if I have this: <div> <canvas id="taskContainer"></canvas> </div>With
  9. Hi rich, You said this way is "soft toggle", then is there a way to do a "hard toggle"? How? I'm having problems with the "useHandCursor" behaviour and I think this can be maybe related with the way I'm changing the "inputEnabled" property. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello all, I'm a new Phaser developer and I'm delighted with this framework, I'm a super fan I'd like to ask some help about the best way to display debug info, because the game.debug.text() function is really simple. For example I'd like to have a way to display a block text with multiline or fixed line width because now if I display a long line is not fitting in some small screens. My first approach is to display short lines using a variable for the y position: var yPos = 0;for (property in results) game.debug.text(results[property].id + ": " + results[property].value, 10, yPos += 20);
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