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  1. You have to verify your account at MoPub. Just write them an email and ask for verification. They will most likely want app URL and google play / app store admin screenshot.
  2. Bitmap fonts display in Cocoonjs is not really a bug. Cocoonjs in Canvas+ mode does not access DOM directly (so it can focus on speed) and that means it doesn't even know how to parse XML. But still you can use some workarounds like this and let the magic happen. In a previous post I didn't express myself properly. I wanted to tell Cocoonjs gave me the best results of all wrappers I've tested in terms of speed and I just generalized it as a "best wrapper". But I didn't test crosswalk and surely will look into it. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Next time I recommend to not minify javascript if you are really looking for help. Nobody can give you exact answer if there is nothing to compare.
  4. If you are developing a mobile app and I assume you do, then if you use Cocoonjs to package your code you can set the desired orientation in the settings before you wrap the app.
  5. Your tablet is high-end so this game resolution shouldn't be much of a burden. The problem can be almost everywhere else, for example: a huge amount of sprites, bad management of objects or tweens, creating stuff in the update function... etc.
  6. Cocoonjs makes a splash screen after your splash screen and that's the only ad you ever see in the package from them. Canvas+ makes it really worth it. There is no better wrapper for mobile HTML games. Also you can talk to them and turn off this ad by paying some cash... or so I have heard.
  7. The thing is you should not separate your game into more HTML files. The HTML file is used only as a starting point so your browser can load javascript and create a Canvas. Everything game related should be done in the javascript on the same Canvas.
  8. To learn Phaser I've given myself a challenge to make a game in one week. To make it harder I also wanted it to be an app published on Google Play. And I succeeded! Little Octopi is entirely made in Phaser and wrapped as Android APK.
  9. Rorian

    iOS app tutorial

    If you want to deploy on mobile, you should use app wrapper first (Cocoonjs, Cordova or PhoneGap). This will boost the speed of your app, make some native functions available and the best part is that it will wrap your HTML app into APK, XCode or other ready-made packages. My all time fav is Cocoonjs so if you decide to use that you can then follow this tutorial which will guide you through App Store publishing:
  10. I've figured this already. In case if anybody wonder why this happened, here is the solution: If you want to change renderer size: game.renderer.resize()Then you have to also update the canvas size and set new world bounds: game.scale.setGameSize() all works fine. But a little warning - your coords do change as well (because you basically set new resolution).
  11. Hey guys, I've started with Phaser today and I wonder if changing Canvas resolution while the game is running affects the Button Clickable Areas. When I change Canvas resolution everything is positioned alright only button clickable areas act somehow funky. I've uploaded example of what I'm talking about: - click the Phaser logo and Canvas resolution will be doubled while everything will be scaled and positioned properly again - click it again and... nothing happens... you have to move your mouse somewhere in the lower right corner and click there (basically the clickable area of the button has moved)... and then everything goes back to normal I've tried changing the canvas resolution before I've initialized the game and everything run smoothly. The problem is when I try to change it while the game is already running. Thanks~