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  1. Well, from my experience you could go Haxe + OpenFL (http://www.openfl.org/). Which is completely cross-platform (consoles included) and create true native apps, html5 and mobile included. Now if it's just mobile + web, then pixijs and cocoon or cordova for mobiles should do the trick though the mobile ports won't be make a native game. And if one day you need desktop as well you can still use node-webkit to package your web game. Hope this helps
  2. Now, you could use a language like Haxe (haxe.org) on top of js to give you encapsulation and all class sugar candies. You would code in Haxe and it would generate the js code and so get everything clean and typed.
  3. I updated the game yesterday with a brand new tutorial (easier step by step first play with less colors). So it's easier to get started. There's a reset option in the top menu to try it (if you have tested the game before.)
  4. Ah my mistake: it's a one key game But I play to so many games with WASD->ZQSD issue that I thought It was the case here again. Sorry!
  5. WASD->ZQSD: could you add some key mapping because on some latin keyboards (French), W and Z and Q and A are inverted. So it's not easy to play. Thanks!
  6. Hi everybody! This is my very first post here on html5 gamedev! I have just released a demo of my upcoming game here: http://hack.francoisnicaise.fr It's been made with haxe + pixi and it's my very first big html5 project. It's quite easy to play although at the moment it lacks a proper tutorial. I'll let you find how it works and update this post with new information as I make my way to the release. Targets planned: - desktop (mac, linux, windows) with node-webkit - tablets: Android and iOS. Please feel free to leave your comments. I will be glad to get some feedbacks! Thanks! Fran├žois