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  1. Hi, I have discovered very recently that if you want to use more than one camera you should set cameraToUseForPointers. You cannot rely on activeCamera as it can be changed by engine in rendering process. This are my practical observations
  2. I will try decals and will keep you updated on results
  3. Thank you for so much. I will try decals for sure. They look really promising. Particles are of not use for me because tire tracks should stay more or less permanently even when you start new game. Ideally I would like to be able to put tracks in such a way that they would be more and more visible after each successive ride. Like when several cars ride one after another on initially virgin beach and after some time you can see something like a dirt road.
  4. Hi, is it possible to have more than one diffuse texture put on a given mesh? I would like to get an effect of car tires track in the sand.
  5. Thanks a lot. Was I blind or was Vector3 documentation updated lately?
  6. Sorry for a stupid question How to rotate a vector by a given rotation Matrix? Is there any method to do it? Is there a function to multiply Matrix and Vector3?
  7. Ok, so an obvious question: Is there any other physic plugin which supports height maps?
  8. Hi, I have a huge problem with oimo and ground created with CreateGroundFromHeightMap. Please look at this: Maybe I am doing something terribly wrong? Marius