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  1. I played the game for a couple of minutes and I think it has some great potential but there are some things I recommend to change: * Slow down the comic animation. It fades in waaay too fast and that is especially a problem for children, who tend to take their time. Also, I recommend using more pages so you have more space and so you can increase the font size. It is kinda hard to read. * Introduce a small tutorial. I did not realize I had to touch the cannon until I hovered it. Lost a game already because of it. That could turn down new players. A good example would be the tutorial
  2. It has been a while since I replied I see and I think it is great you are still working on it! I just tried it again and tried changing the controls from QWERTY to AZERTY but that did not seem to do anything. I still could not walk around using my QZSD keys. Any idea what went wrong?
  3. Well you definitely succeeded in that one! I do wonder something though. Will it remain ad-free?
  4. Too bad you didn't get feedback any sooner because I think this is pretty well done! But to be honest, this is in fact just another majong clone so I can understand people's lack of interest. But like I said, this is well done so keep up the good work!
  5. What about you start with removing some ads? For real dude, I play a game for literally less than 30 seconds and I got like 10 ads in my face. And I am not even exaggerating. I get that you need money for hosting and what not, but you are likely to annoy players away like this instead of attract them. Just to be clear, I'm not against ads, but I am against intrusive advertisement strategies. Why no subscriptions for like 5 euros a month in exchange for a no-ad version of your website? Because your website does look very good and people need websites like this now flash is officially losing sup
  6. They even ripped the background of their website. It is a wallpaper from the game Thief, a stealth fps made by Square Enix. Unbelievable..
  7. What about you learn to deal with feedback instead of calling everyone who has no positive feedback "prickle-y".. We take the effort of looking at your game entirely for free, we even take the effort to provide you with feedback (for free!) to help you improve your game. And what do we get as reward? Being called "prickle-y" because you sir, don't want to hear negative feedback. Well screw you. Is it too much asked to be grateful? :/
  8. Not familiar with Phaser, but I am familiar with Tiled so I can provide you a generic solution and/or direction. Besides tile layers, Tiled supports object layers as well. You should google it up and learn about it. The while idea about objects is that they do not represent a tile but an actual ingame object. And Phaser probably has an interface to extract those objects from the Tiled map. Which one I don't know, but they probably have one for certain.
  9. Sadly I share the same experiences. Lots of Facebook groups active on the gamedev subject but so goddamn toxic that there is no motivation whatsoever to stay there. I like forums like this, they are organised and structured, and when properly moderated, very fun. Completely agree with your opinion on Discourse there, just one big list with very user-unfriendly way to filter it.
  10. I am not sure what you mean by "forums". It sounds like you try to say as if everything and everyone from this website moved over to Discourse. The only thing I know for certain is that Rich and his team decided to setup a Discourse for Phaser to replace the existing subfora on this website with a new, official Phaser community forum. And since a lot of users here were using Phaser as their main engine, they also started moving over to there and stopped being active here. I mean, look at the stats. Barely 200 people visit this website daily (from which like 10-20 are actual members!) whil
  11. I experienced this error as well in the past, was not with Pixi though but with my own very basic framework. In my case the browser refused to call WebGL methods after refreshing the page too many times on a short time. Probably because I put the entire thing too much on pressure. What worked for me was refreshing the cache with Ctrl+F5 or restarting my browser.
  12. It is hard to send you in the right direction here, this forum is for HTML5 game development, but what you ask involves sales and accountancy. Odius has a point here, email them as much as possible. Wait a couple of days, if you got no reply, call them directly. According to their website, their number is +49 221 7880610. Be aware you call to a company in Germany. Depending where you live and what ISP you have, this could cost you a lot. And if that fails as well, try sending a registred letter where you point out the issue. They can always come up with the excuse "we did not receive that emai
  13. And how is he supposed to prevent people from ripping html, css, js and assets files from his website? Even if you block browser access, it can be done easily as well with a mere http client. In NodeJS such a thing is setup in less than 1 hour. Imho, this is easily said but very very hard to be done. Sorry dude but you don't really sound very credible.. You tell him he needs to protect his website and his code as if it is an easy chore but you fail to protect your own website. I just looked at your website and I am certain I can rip any of your games with ease.
  14. You really have your fair share of shit with Google Play or App store, don't you? I can remember a post from back in March where you hit a wall with Google Play. Sad thing is, I hear similar stories from other people as well. 😕 As for this particular issue, I did a search on Google. It turns out your game made it to a lot of portals, not just this one. What I don't understand is, how. With flash you just ripped the SWF file from the source and that's it. Like a zip package, an SWF included everything. But with html, you have assets, scripts, style sheets, and so on.. These guys must have found
  15. Oh yeah, I remember reading that discussion. Well, to give my two cents. I think that discussion was pointless to begin with. I understand the question since there are not many popular hmtl5 games, but I would not call it dead, far from it. Web is a platform like PC, console and mobile. Most game devs use an engine like Unity3D or Unreal and export their game to platforms they can support. But games get exported more often to platforms where their game can run native because most games are too big to run smoothly in the browser. I mean, just look around and see how many devs actually created a
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