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  1. What about you learn to deal with feedback instead of calling everyone who has no positive feedback "prickle-y".. We take the effort of looking at your game entirely for free, we even take the effort to provide you with feedback (for free!) to help you improve your game. And what do we get as reward? Being called "prickle-y" because you sir, don't want to hear negative feedback. Well screw you. Is it too much asked to be grateful? :/
  2. Not familiar with Phaser, but I am familiar with Tiled so I can provide you a generic solution and/or direction. Besides tile layers, Tiled supports object layers as well. You should google it up and learn about it. The while idea about objects is that they do not represent a tile but an actual ingame object. And Phaser probably has an interface to extract those objects from the Tiled map. Which one I don't know, but they probably have one for certain.
  3. Sadly I share the same experiences. Lots of Facebook groups active on the gamedev subject but so goddamn toxic that there is no motivation whatsoever to stay there. I like forums like this, they are organised and structured, and when properly moderated, very fun. Completely agree with your opinion on Discourse there, just one big list with very user-unfriendly way to filter it.
  4. I am not sure what you mean by "forums". It sounds like you try to say as if everything and everyone from this website moved over to Discourse. The only thing I know for certain is that Rich and his team decided to setup a Discourse for Phaser to replace the existing subfora on this website with a new, official Phaser community forum. And since a lot of users here were using Phaser as their main engine, they also started moving over to there and stopped being active here. I mean, look at the stats. Barely 200 people visit this website daily (from which like 10-20 are actual members!) while it used to be like 4000 last year. That is a serious drop imho. I also don't see Rich being active here anymore, heck, wonder if any mod or admin is active at all. I sent the guys a message last month but have yet to receive a reply. I know many users check it daily but barely anyone replies anymore. I also have seen topics here on fora where they don't belong, let alone follow the rules if they do. If you tried such a thing last year, it got closed almost right away because mods still used to login daily, but now.. They got a lot of cleanup work to do if they do, I tell you that. That being said though, I looked at Discourse and I agree with point of view. I don't really can find it in my heart to like it either.. But than again, while there is lot to complain about Discourse, the forum software they use here is quite expensive on the other hand. I mean, look at the prices on the Invision website, bloody hell. Invision charges based on how many visitors you have daily while Discourse's pricing model is not based on your total daily visitors amount. So I completely get that Rich and his team started to look for alternatives. I mean, I respect the fact they use paid forum software without charging us anything at all, let alone pumping the website full of ads like any other company would do. You got to hand it to them, that is one damn respectful thing.
  5. I experienced this error as well in the past, was not with Pixi though but with my own very basic framework. In my case the browser refused to call WebGL methods after refreshing the page too many times on a short time. Probably because I put the entire thing too much on pressure. What worked for me was refreshing the cache with Ctrl+F5 or restarting my browser.
  6. It is hard to send you in the right direction here, this forum is for HTML5 game development, but what you ask involves sales and accountancy. Odius has a point here, email them as much as possible. Wait a couple of days, if you got no reply, call them directly. According to their website, their number is +49 221 7880610. Be aware you call to a company in Germany. Depending where you live and what ISP you have, this could cost you a lot. And if that fails as well, try sending a registred letter where you point out the issue. They can always come up with the excuse "we did not receive that email" or "we never had a phonecall" and that is hard to proof, but when it comes to a registred letter, they need to sign it when they received it. if that does not work out either, I suggest to take it a step further and get yourself a lawyer and sue them. But I can understand if that is too much asked, especially taking the situation in account. A lawyer may cost you more than what that company owes you. All I can wish you right now is good luck!
  7. And how is he supposed to prevent people from ripping html, css, js and assets files from his website? Even if you block browser access, it can be done easily as well with a mere http client. In NodeJS such a thing is setup in less than 1 hour. Imho, this is easily said but very very hard to be done. Sorry dude but you don't really sound very credible.. You tell him he needs to protect his website and his code as if it is an easy chore but you fail to protect your own website. I just looked at your website and I am certain I can rip any of your games with ease.
  8. You really have your fair share of shit with Google Play or App store, don't you? I can remember a post from back in March where you hit a wall with Google Play. Sad thing is, I hear similar stories from other people as well. 😕 As for this particular issue, I did a search on Google. It turns out your game made it to a lot of portals, not just this one. What I don't understand is, how. With flash you just ripped the SWF file from the source and that's it. Like a zip package, an SWF included everything. But with html, you have assets, scripts, style sheets, and so on.. These guys must have found a copy of your source somewhere. Where did you published this game initially? And how?
  9. Oh yeah, I remember reading that discussion. Well, to give my two cents. I think that discussion was pointless to begin with. I understand the question since there are not many popular hmtl5 games, but I would not call it dead, far from it. Web is a platform like PC, console and mobile. Most game devs use an engine like Unity3D or Unreal and export their game to platforms they can support. But games get exported more often to platforms where their game can run native because most games are too big to run smoothly in the browser. I mean, just look around and see how many devs actually created a 3D game in html5. Barely. And if someone did, is it probably low-poly. But that being said, that would be the only con I can think of. The biggest pro, and the reason I decided to go for HTML5 game dev, and not Unity or Unreal or any other engine, is because it is soooo damn easy compared to writing your game in C# or C++. I mean, all you need is a good IDE for web dev and your browser. And players don't even have to download your game. Heck, if you want to, you can put your game in a cordova container and export it to Android or iOS as if it is nothing. And just look at all the available resources. There are engines like Game Maker or Construct that allow you to export your game easily, as well as lots and lots of frameworks like Phaser, Pixi, MelonJS and so on. And also, since your game is actually a webpage, it can be integrated easily in many front-end technologies like Angular, ASP.Net, PHP and even NodeJS with Electron. That is also a very powerful benefit. Not to mention webhosting. I mean, a basic webhosting service is enough to host your game on since html5 games do not tend to be gigabytes big. Give it time. I admit I cannot think of a popular html5 game, but I am sure other forum members can fill me in on that one. I do see some gems once in a while. But those are often not only for web, but native too. They just have a web variant. You wont find yourself a whole RPG, but smaller games. But I like those, I am often very tired after work and to be able to play some small games while being half braindead is awesome, and very relaxing.
  10. If I may ask, what makes you think web games are dead?
  11. Not trying to be rude or anything, but could it be possible that your games are just not that interesting? I see many games being published each day and only a few of them catch my eye, let alone having one that I actually play. Everything else I'd just consider utter shit. Not that I think your games are crap, hence the reason I started this with "not trying to be rude" since I don't know your games. But it might be worth to figure that one out before you start ads, because ads equals hate nowadays so you might want to skip that. Also, like someone mentioned before, the revenue is not that good unless you get like over a 1000 daily visitors. Which reminds me, what marketing strategy did you use to promote your game?
  12. Hi VMA I think you misunderstood the purpose of the 'Game Showcase' forum category. Only topics about your own game that you made in HTML5 are allowed in here, this topic is better off in the 'Coding and Game Design' category. I'm not a moderator but I guess one will move your topic soon.
  13. Holy cow, amazing to meet the brains behind this game! I never realized there was a topic about it. I actually played Exocraft last year. I found it on a website that lists up a ton of io games. If I knew it had a topic here I would have said something sooner. I am creating a multiplayer game myself too and knowing all the pains that come with it, I was pretty amazed by how smooth it worked. Really well done! Just out of curiosity, what did you use to build the server?
  14. In my honest opinion I think you should not ask us, but Google. I understand your frustrations and I too need to admit I don't really can make head nor tails from what they sent either but they do. So my suggestion is to first read that article about the Metadata you can access by clicking the link in step 1 below the heading "Next steps". If that does not make sense to you, you should send them an email about clarification.
  15. Nicely done! But imho the turret moves too fast for me. It made it pretty tough to steer correctly. You might want to look into that. But other than that the game is seriously damn well done. Good job!
  16. Impressive artwork! But I still can't make up what the actual game is. The trailer and screens show awesome stuff but it does not show how the game actually look likes. I think I saw like 3 very short recordings in barely 1.5 seconds that were projected on a 3d plane. My advice: replace the screenshots in this topic with actual straight-forward screenshots from the levels itself, not that store and lobby stuff. Those are rather irrelevant for they say nothing about the gameplay.
  17. What about you remove that hideous login-prompt at game.php and let us play the game? No offense but I thought this was quite obvious when you post something in the "Game Showcase" forum. I for one don't mind providing some feedback about the game, but to do so, I need to be able to play the game. 😛
  18. Perfect! One more small feedback, there is a big empty space in the center of the homepage now. What about you place a big fat "PLAY" button over there? I know the nav contains a 'play'-link but you gotta search for it for a sec. It'd be easier for guests if they knew right away where to play the game. But other than that, nicely done! Keep up the good work!
  19. Trust me, you are not the only one who came up with that idea haha.
  20. Well, perhaps I can help with something I did not knew about NodeJS for a long while: nothing is async because async means using a different thread to execute a function. I assume you mean you are using those setTimout or setInterval functions right? Sadly, they are not async, they just delay the function only to be executed at a later moment in the same thread. If you did not mean that, tell me what you did use because that would be very interesting. 😛 Concerning your data storage issue, you should not have another process handle the authentication. Use the game server only to handle the authentication because otherwise you need to have a way to share the user's data between two applications, like you said. If you keep it in one process, you could keep up a multidimensional array of tokens and player id's and store the player data in the server's memory and send only the token to the client once the player signed in. Because that way you wont give away important data. Each time the player is performing an action, send the token along with the websocket message. On server side, strip the token from the message, lookup the player id in the array I mentioned before with the token you just stripped and use that id to retrieve the player's data. Also, concerning database queries; only get, update and insert records when you need them. Not constantly. Of course it is important to update your database frequently so what I'm doing is using a thread to update my database each 5 minutes. In your case a setInterval will do. But it will take a certain restrain away and keep your ram usage low.
  21. Before I even read your post, I looked at the screen and I was like "Tibia!!! ". Nice to see you used it as an inspiration. Played it for a very very long time as a teenager and played it recently too to see what changed. I do have one question though concerning NodeJS. I'm currently developing a multiplayer top down shooter from which I also use Tibia as my inspiration (understand the excitement now? ). But I replaced NodeJS after several failed stress tests with a multi threaded websocket server I have written in C#. The reason? NodeJS is single-threaded, meaning only one request can be processed at a time. For a small amount of players this don't matter that much, but if you got like 1000 clients sending requests all at the same time, the entire game could lag as hell. But if the server is multi-threaded, each request that comes in will be handled on a different thread so the main thread wont be blocking. In case of a multiplayer-game, this could speed up the process big time. So here is my question: How will you deal with that issue? Because I'm always in for a new multiplayer game and since I'm creating one myself, I know how hard it is. So I always have respect for those who dare to pull the mmo-scalibur out of the big rock. And since I know the pitfalls all too well, I'm curious how others deal with them.
  22. Well, I started the tutorial and I like it so far but it does not cover the most important part: the input. Like how to connect the tower to the turret for example, or how to get the miner starting mining. I guessed it had to do with the mouse buttons so I managed to got the turret powered on by fiddle around a bit, but I really had to puzzle with placing a wall or the miner. I have yet to figure out how to make the miner working. Also, why the account stuff? First thing I see when I visit the website is a login form on the homepage. It gives me the impression the game is multiplayer. But is it? The graphics are awesome though, kudos for that. So my advice for now is: Improve the tutorial by being more concrete about which input to use and where. Like in the Age of Empires 2 tutorial campaign, the narrator tells you in detail how to select a group of units and move them around; "Left click near the group of units and drag a box around them, then right-click near the blue flag" could not be more clear. Secondly, if the game is in fact not multiplayer, remove the form from the homepage. Otherwise you'd give people the impression you're hosting a multiplayer game and when they figure out it is not, they'll feel deceived and quit right away. That being said, it looks pretty impressive so far. Just work a bit more on your tutorial and the account stuff and you're good to go for sure. And if you are clueless on what to explain to players in your tutorial, imagine you give this to a 11 year old kid. He'll make sure to ask the right questions. 😛 EDIT: I was thinking about that form, maybe you should change the title "login" to "member area". That way you don't give the impression the game is multiplayer, but you can also keep the form right where it is and hint the player there is a member area. EDIT2: Again thinking about the tutorial. You use hints to tell the player how to do it if he is stuck. But don't, you should be straightforward about the instruction right away. Imho, a tutorial should not be a guess-game, but a straight-forward manual on how to play the game. I feel like the tutorial right now is not.
  23. It is kinda hard to give a review when your 'start' button is not working. When I click on it the page just refreshes. Let us know when you fixed it, it has been a while since I played a good Tower Defence. So looking forward to it.
  24. Hi Obiot I am sorry for I have not found the time to look at it, yet. Is it too much to ask to put an example online with your new build? You happen to do that way faster than I do haha
  25. I would not trust those stats too much if I were you. A lot of those show fake results for most Linux users never registered them somewhere as Linux users. In my close family and friends actually 30% use Ubuntu as their main OS and they love it. 😛 Noticed a lot of Linux users on trains, schools and even at work. That could not be possible if those stats were right. But there is no doubt about the fact that Windows rules the market though. But you guys do get it working on Android, so I found it odd it wont work on Linux. I am using Firefox bytheway. As for the WebGL part not functioning, I know for certain it does function because my engine does. If you'd like to, I can clone your source from GitHub and try to make it running on my pc? Perhaps I can pinpoint the issue.