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  1. Could this be your problem? http://phaser.io/getting-started-js2.php I'm not a Phaser Developer but if you program a lot or plan to, I would entirely recommend you to use a general purpose editor, that way you don't have to switch environments each time you switch technologies, I have personally tried them all and I always get back to sublime text (with the vintageous plugin to make it feel more like Vim without loosing ST multi-selection capabilities) but there are a lot of options, you should try Atom too, the reason I stick with sublime text is because even if the plugin API is very lim
  2. Hello friends, I just wanted to share my approach on using Phaser with Coffeescript, before anything I want to make a disclaimer here, this was done during the past global game jam, so, we only had 24 hours to finish and this was my first experience with both Coffeescript and Phaser but I learned a lot from it, so, this deff shouldn't be used as reference for any kind of discussions on the proper way to do stuff, take it like a source of inspiration if you want, it's just my own personal approach. Also, I don't plan to continue this project as it was just a demo for the gamejam but I really
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