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  1. SkyzohKey

    I'm back

    I mean, try to select multiple items like you'd do on a Windows desktop on my Engine demo, you'll see what i mean PS: I'm SkyzohKey, from GitHub
  2. SkyzohKey

    I'm back

    Hey! Nice to see you back with the motivation to make Panda great again! Once you left I had started to code my own 2D engine, feel free to checkout the code if you want. Well that's not as well designed as Panda.js, but it has some features Panda doesn't has (mouse support, mouse selection, etc :p) Again, welcome back here at html5gamedevs ! Cdt, ThanosS aka. SkyzohKey
  3. GitHub Pages, Gitlab Pages, Itch.io, ngrok (in combination of python/npm http-server), etc. There are plenty of way to host a demo guys.
  4. The documentation about animations is outdated, it seems that the code for that in the v2 is not finished cuz I never succeeded at using animations, too. I think you'll have to write your own Animation system. x:
  5. I guess you could draw all your bitmaps on a temporary canvas then use getImageData on this canvas to draw on the real canvas your merged bitmap.
  6. Thanks for the interest you gave to my little project! I'll hardtest the engine once I implemented and optimized all of what I want to do, but currently PwassonEngine can handle ~500 physics bodies + 500 sprites linked to those bodies, i guess. EDIT: Just done a test, and with 1500 sprites + 1500 bodies, the demo project runs at 1 FPS, ahah, i need to optimize/refactor some code to make things faster EDIT2: Ok, the engine currently crash and stop updating with 2500 sprites + 2500 bodies. x') Another edit: You can now live try to hard test the demonstration, just click the "
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to show my little in-development game engine. I decided to create my own engine as Panda.js didn't got any updates for several months. The goal here is to have a lightweight but powerfull game engine with awesome performances, whatever the device is (ie. Android) while being able to use Canvas+ (so, no DOM is used as Canvas+ doesn't supports DOM). What I've already done: Game config via `config.js` file ; Game scenes ; Ultra-customizable Sprite class that allows to modify everything drawing related ; Mouse events support (click, move, hov
  8. CubeBattle CubeBattle aims to be a free (as in freedom, aswell as in price) 2d platformer online. You plays a Cube that have to get the Flag before other players. Each time you are first, your team won 3 points. The ultimate goal is to win a maximum of point to make your team become the #1 of CubeBattle ranking. Another interesting feature is that players are able to create and export their own maps on the server, letting other players to play on it. That way, every player can contribute improving the game while expressing it's mind. I built CubeBattle on my own, writing an
  9. This cheatsheet isn't up-to-date with panda v2, here are the relevant links: v2 website: https://ekelokorpi.github.io/panda.js-site/ v2 docs: http://ekelokorpi.github.io/panda.js-site/engine/docs/ v2 playground: https://ekelokorpi.github.io/engine/playground
  10. Or call the setTexture() method.
  11. Just a quick post to signal that Electron now supports disabling raf throttling
  12. @PixelPicoSean feel free to ask @rich if it can makes a LesserPanda forum, I sure it would be glad
  13. Hey, Still working on my Bomberman-clone, today I was writing the Grid component and was looking for a way to check if everything was working properly. Nothing better than tests to check if everything is correct, so I wrote a quick but useful plugin to do... tests PandaTests is a plugin for Panda.js that permits to do assertions the right way. To learn more about this plugin, read the following samples. You can download it via GitHub since I finally created a repository for my plugins: PandaTests on GitHub Installation In order to install PandaTests, simply copy t
  14. Udpated link for reference: http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.7/Phaser.Math.html#snapTo
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