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  1. Thanks a lot everyone for answer me. Now i will describe a bit what i want to do. The idea consist in a 2d game for kids (elementary school, maybe high school). The game will be based in oficial educational content and it is not intended to be a huge large game. Instead we want to do a game that can be used as a tool that support and assist educational learning. We already have the main concept and theme of the game and we are developing dynamics that can be re used, soo the game do not get too large in terms of development. My team is not hired so we can't give 8 hours every day to the project. We are a group and we want one day get close to be a videogame studio. We also count with 2 business manager (actually they are two different professionals but there is no correct translation to english for one of the career). Once again, thanks everyone for the replies.
  2. Hey guys, i am new asking on this forum but i guess you will have a lot more knowledge on the field to answer properly. If i have a team grouped of: 1 concept sketch artist 1 ilustrator 2 designer 1 programmer 1 teacher (kinda, not formerly) Do you think is enough to make an educatinal 2d game? Not too fancy but a decent 2d game. Maybe it is too much or i am short of experts? I would very love to know what you think.
  3. Hey community, I've been playing some time with phaser and i totally love it! incredible work and so much power!. Anyway, i was playing with the full screen properties and when i go to full screen, only the canvas goes full screen. Is it possible attach an element to the full screen canvas besides the canvas itself? like a fixed html with high z-index? I wanna add a chat box to my game but outside the game/canvas. Is it possible? I would appreciate a lot any help Many thanks in advance!