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  1. I am worrying about that when render method call, the texture will calculate on shader every time. I just want to make static texture that calculated texture. should I use canvas api? thanks.
  2. I just want to calculate shader once and use texture that applied shader. is there any way to solve it?
  3. yes, but i found that it wasn't pixi.js 's issue. when i turn off hardware acceleration in chrome. fps regularly works as 60. does anyone know about this issue?
  4. fps is not regularly working in chrome. I expected fps should be 60 but seconds later fps drops from 60 to 40 then it works normally, again and again but fps works normally in firefox.
  5. id like to create only one texture and use several frame. is it possible?
  6. i have character classes which refer PIXI.texture. i wanted to each character classes have texture instance. but when i create texture PIXI.js refer texturecache. so when i use texture.setframe, other character classes's frame changed. can anyone give me an advice?
  7. when i use png file it processed to select transparent color automatically but using bitmap file how can i process transparent color??
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