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  1. @rich hi we need that content file as zip if you have any link i can download that i know that is hard to do our request but we need them wish you help us thanks
  2. and about files we reference them from your host ( i think we can talk about some payment about that too ) or i can find all links by any user used in post and reply and transfare them too
  3. if that hurt the site privacy i can get all data i need from here without data and just babylon users (just username ) that can possible to if @rich can make a simple link for password recreation (like babylonjs new forum password recreation ) we can touch the current user by accept them by themself
  4. hi @rich i never had chance to talk with you but any data you can convert for us that help our community
  5. i can make a perfect app for read html same as robot and split that like db the main q is time just need a permission
  6. i can make crawler to get all content from this forum in 4 day if that necessary
  7. i need all my post i use them like reference here
  8. i think we need some better search ( full text search ) can search 3 char words like GPU ....
  9. look this this hosted by Digital Ocean
  10. hi @CorayThan
  11. sorry for ask i don't understand where that used
  12. hi you can use 2 renderTarget for make that 1. for render transparent area inside of black Area 2. render nan transparent meshes then mix that with postprocess
  13. hi image : other file use Github,com (row format) at last replace domain to cdn url ( for attach js check this way
  14. if you change the canvas container look line 14 and set new size in line 35 but after change you need save playground and load them again ( for clear html )
  15. look line 35 : ns = 40.8*cn.getContext('2d').getImageData( (p.u*200), ( ((1.-(p.v+0.5))*200)), 1, 1).data[1]/255; change 40.8 and for minimum radius p.x *=300 +ns; p.y *=300+ ns; p.z *=300 +ns; change 300 for add more segment look line 56 var mesh = CreatePlanet({ seg:256. },GB).toMesh(scene);
  16. i am on it to make independent function
  17. thanks @Sebavan i am on it to make it in custom material and add some special option i design any char in here 10x10 after complete back to explain how that work
  19. what can i do ? notic that ( maybe tile atlas mapping is available if we append texture2DLodExt )
  20. hi just for checking other solutions check this have 25 level in just red color in one image
  21. notice that p1 is position of inside (try keep it close to center)