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  1. Hello, fellow forum dwellers. I am a game developer. I've been making games for about 7 years, since before I was a teenager. The reason I created this topic is because there is a definite problem in the world of game development, in particular, the commercial realm, where HTML5 games are being sold and licensed out to gaming portals. During the years that I made games, I often would copy other people's ideas. At the beginning all I wanted to do was clone Chip's Challenge, because that was my favorite game when I was growing up... and I wanted to make my version of the game, with levels designed by me, with new things and ideas that I had thought of, that I thought would be cool additions to the game. not Chip's Challenge, but (freeware)Tim's Titanic Test! As I progressed in programming expertise, my games were more like mix ups between games. I would take ideas from my most favorite games, and combine them all to make a totally new creation. Even now I will occasionally create a "clone" or "ripoff" of someone else' game idea(putting my own personal spin on the idea, of course), however, these games have all been freeware... because I was cloning them for fun, not for money. Making games has been a thrilling and exciting hobby for me all these years... and I think that cloning other people's games is an acceptable practice, up to a point. You see, all the games I copied, I copied for fun... I wasn't selling any of these games. All of my clones were freeware, and that meant I wasn't trying to profit off of someone else' creativity or hard work, I was simply trying to grow and improve as a game developer. I've given a lot of consideration to this topic and I believe it is wrong to take/steal other people's ideas for your own financial gain, unless, of course, you get their expressed permission. I think this goes for everything, not just games. That's why we have patents, because they encourage creativity and new inventions. The ability to create new things without the fear that everyone is going to steal it and leave you in the dust with $0 in your pocket. I'm a game developer, and I know what it's like to be an inventor, to discover an idea that is original, and then to have someone come along and steal that idea, and use it not only to make money, but also to make it less likely that someone will want my idea when they might have already bought a cheap clone of it. eat a cookie or a cupcake... and leave behind four spikes... Having one of my game ideas stolen has helped me to be even more firm in my standings. I have resolved not to steal other people's ideas... because if I do steal, then I'm just as bad as the people who steal from me. Has anyone ever cloned one of your games? Have you ever cloned someone's game? Please discuss.
  2. Extremely high quality game... it takes a long time to load, though.
  3. Being original is risky, and cloning is much more profitable(?)... so that makes cloning acceptable? Just because you made an original game that was not profitable doesn't mean every original game is going to be worthless. Whenever I make a game that is a flop I always try to look back and see what I could have done better to make the game more appealing. I've had a lot of failures, but failures end up being beneficial in the end if you use them correctly. I think it's perfectly fine for me to work with True Valhalla. It is my hope that the original games I bring to the table can serve as a good example of how it is still possible to make fresh new games that do not impinge on the (copy) rights of others. Essentially what you're saying is that you don't have time to be original, so you must steal other people's ideas to survive. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty tough spot you're in... I really don't think that makes it okay to clone, though. I know all too well that you're not the only one who reskins/clones... but even if the majority of people do something that is wrong, it does not suddenly make it right. I wish you good luck with your future games, and I hope you will be able to make your own original ideas from now on.
  4. Definitely a well made game here, and the presentation was almost perfect. However... I couldn't help but notice the huge similarities between this game and the game Adam Atomic made during the "Flappy Bird" jam. His game was called "FlappyBalt" and you can play it right in your browser: The similarities between FlappyBalt and your game Fly Trap are rather overwhelming. Essentially, you've just re-skinned it and made it easier. There are spikes on the top and bottom of the screen and moving enemies on the left and right sides of the screen. While your game is good, it's still a blatant clone... I feel like you could have at least put more variety in the enemies that appear and disappear on the right and left sides of the screen. You could have mixed the idea up a bit to make it your own... but you really haven't. It's the same game with different graphics and a lesser default difficulty setting(and I don't think it makes a difference even if your game is a clone of a clone). It appears to me the intent here is to make a profit by using another persons idea. Unless you've been given permission by the person you're cloning, I don't think this is what you would call "ethical". Games of mine have been cloned in the past as well, and let me tell you, it's not a very comforting thought to know that your original idea is being stolen by other developers so they can make money off of it, and potentially prevent you from selling it because the sponsors already bought someone's clone of your game. I don't enjoy having my games copied, and this is why all the games I make commercially are original ideas that I come up with in my own head. In conclusion: Don't steal.
  5. orange08


    Very nice. The graphics suit the game quite well. To be honest, though, I found not being able to turn around while shooting to be more bothersome than useful. Fun game, anyway!
  6. Excellent game and excellent pixel art!
  7. very nice game! the graphics are really shiny too!
  8. Hello, Sam. I played the game on my iPod touch... Unfortunately, I didn't find the game to be very fun. The virtual control buttons were very small on my screen which made them difficult to use. Also, your game doesn't seem to utilize all of the screen space(so it looks a bit unusual on Safari). It was unclear what the goal of the game was as well... I'd recommend some sort of tutorial. You should probably try to think of a different way to control the player thing other than those virtual control buttons. Good luck with this. -orange
  9. Hey everyone. After reading all of your replies and insults as you try, and make petty attempts to counter my purely logic-based posts... I am convinced that hardly any of you have experience with developing HTML5 games(other than the OP) and additionally I'd be surprised if any of you are older than 14. I'm realizing now that arguing with you guys is like arguing with a little baby... it's useless, because babies do not have any sense of logic whatsoever(sorry, but it's true). Some of you have the audacity to say that flipping gravity is a super-original idea? Really? Were you just born yesterday? I notice how none of you have addressed the fact that the most popular iOS app, Angry Birds also contains winged creatures and eggs, and grass. You have all missed the point. You cannot logically conclude from the mere fact that my game contains grass, eggs, a duck, and gravity flipping, that it is a clone of Gravity Duck. However, it is your right to partake in the incorrect opinion. I felt I had to point out here that it's a slight error to call Aquatic a match 3 game... because you only have to match 2 or more. That's a very minor point, though. Regardless of all of your completely baseless insults, I harbor no hard feelings from this discussion. I do not feel a need to seek approval from any children to say whether or not I cloned a game called Gravity Duck. Maybe some day when you are older, you will look back on this and realize how wrong you were. I've enjoyed stating my case, because I know that I am correct in all of my standings. However, I cannot be bothered to argue with any of you any more... because it would merely be an exercise in futility. If you want any more discussion from me, you'll have to wait until you're much, much older. I wish I could thank you for your posts, but I cannot. Because you refuse to put anything truthful or of substance in them. This is the last post you will see from me on this topic, for the time being... I cannot be bothered to respond to completely unfounded accusations any longer. I am convinced that any bystanders with common sense who look at this discussion will see that I am in the right and it is you who are in the wrong. Goodbye. -orange
  10. No, I didn't miss your point. Yeah, it "just" utilizes another way of input... that's all. T_T I get the impression you've never made any HTML5 games. You can't just take any flash or downloadable game and clone it for HTML5. Aside from optimization and speed problems, controls are a big issue and you have to figure out how to make games that can control with the use of a single finger. Oh, really? It's quite clear that you think me to be a liar... you've stated it here in black and white and everyone can see it. I do realize this thread has gone off-topic rather a bit. But I cannot simply sit by silently while people accuse me of cloning other people's games when I did not.
  11. The graphics are very nice and I like how everything looks. There is one detail in this last video you've posted that doesn't look right to me, though. The "touch screen to play" menu has planets spinning in the background... it doesn't look right because as they spin their light source is also spinning. That's just me being nitpicky, though. Good luck with this project! This game reminds me a lot of a flash game(called Sun Hop) that I played a while back, btw:
  12. You do realize this means nothing, right? How would anyone besides you know if this is true? Your trusting nature is saint-like. But I see you missed the reason I made this point... and that is because obviously you cannot clone a game unless you have either played it or seen someone else playing it. To affirm my statement once again, I hadn't ever played or seen anyone playing "Gravity Duck" before I designed my own game "Flip Duck". I dunno, maybe the NSA can help you make sure I'm telling the truth on this particular point. You're arguing that your game can't be a clone because yours is an HTML5 game, and "Gravity Duck" is a Flash game? What kind of argument is that? And you also made your game work on a touch-screen instead of a keyboard, but I don't know why that would make it less of a clone either. You're pushing me to the limit with this one. I never said that my game being an HTML5 game as opposed to a Flash game makes it not a clone... I was simply displaying that the Flash game you brought up makes use of keyboard buttons(specifically, arrow keys), and my game, being a mobile HTML5 creation, could never utilize such a control system(because only touch controls can work in mobile games). It is simply another layer of difference between my game and the game you mentioned, Gravity Duck. This is the only real argument here. Sure, there are the few small differences that you mentioned, but the most important part is that they play differently. The gameplay and level design are different. So while I do think you took inspiration from "Gravity Duck", I think your game is different enough to not be labeled as a clone or a rip-off (although, I personally think you could have made your game look a bit less similar). One of my arguments passed your approval? I'm so flattered! I guess you have a right to call me dishonest and a liar. Regardless I am not backing down on the things that I've already told you. My game is not a clone and did not take "inspiration" from Gravity Duck either. In regards to my game not looking different enough... I'm so sorry... next time I'll use my mental telepathy to detect whether or not someone else is making a game that uses the same elements my game has. After all, how can I be innocent when you can clearly see that I copied the oh so original idea of flipping gravity... we haven't seen that done a lot have we? Also a game featuring a bird, grass, and eggs... oh dear, did Gravity Duck clone Angry Birds? oh, dear me, dear my! These are easily the worst 3 arguments in history! How old are you, btw? Dude next time you clone, change the graphics/theme, it's so easy to do! Do a panda that collects leaves, for example. Flippy Panda! To answer your question, I'm 3 years old... and if my age-finder device is correct, that means I'm older than you. I wonder if everyone thinks it's mature of you to say that my reasons are "the worst 3 arguments in history!" and then give no explanation as to why you think so. But how you know that, since you never played Gravity Duck until now? Is this serious? Imnotreal provided a link on newgrounds to play the game "Gravity Duck" and I actually played it. I suggest you do the same, or you will not be up to the level of understanding that I am on.
  13. I'm the creator of Flip Duck. I can tell you for a fact that it is no clone of Gravity Duck... and I'll explain why. 1. I had never played Gravity Duck, until now. 2. Flip Duck doesn't use the exact same gravity mechanics as Gravity Duck. Mine only has up-and-down gravity, whereas Gravity Duck also sends the gravity to the left and right. My game also has unique elements and secrets that are not ever seen in Gravity Duck. Anyone who plays the 2 games can see that they have a wide range of difference. 3. Gravity Duck is a flash game and uses arrow keys, and not finger controls. I created the control scheme myself. Candy Fall cannot boast of these 3 defense explanations. 1. The creator has admitted to being inspired by Aquatic. 2. The mechanic of touching candies/fish and matching them by 2 or more is exactly the same and nothing new has been brought to the table. 3. Aquatic, being the game cloned, was not originally a flash game, the control system is exactly the same as in Candy Fall. One other notable detail that displays that Candy Fall is a clone is the timer at the bottom, it's very much like the timer on the bottom of TV's game, Aquatic. Anyone who can play both games will see clearly that Candy Fall is merely a re-skinning of Aquatic. I do not think that all cloning is bad. I have cloned some games myself. But the clones I've made were never used commercially to make money, and I only cloned the games because I wanted to put a different spin on their ideas(also, I always give credit to the original game that I'm cloning). There is a huge difference between putting a new spin on an idea and putting a new sKin on an idea. I hope I've made myself clear. Try to be original with your games or you're bound to get the kind of flak from it that you're getting here.
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    Glad to have found this forum. Good job setting everything up, Richard!
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    Hmm... I personally wouldn't have recommended purchasing a chromebook... from what I've heard, google has done a bad job in their production. I don't know this firsthand, but I've been told by a computer guru that the hardware they're using for chromebooks isn't very good.