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  1. Thank you for you feedback. TGE is not compatible with Phaser for now, but we have plans on that.
  2. If we get some units, A* for path finding, some simple logic and combine it - we'll get simple AI. In new post I've described, how to create simple AI for units, what techniques can be used for AI creation and provided some little demo game: http://goo.gl/Dn67Bp
  3. So, we can select units, create different type of units and what is next? Correct - let's move unit with smart path finding on tiled maps: http://goo.gl/RPiWSA
  4. Units managements hardly be imagine without units selection. Selected unit should be highlighted somehow. In that tutorial we cover how to create custom entity with simple procedural animation, what is object pool and how it is used in game development. http://goo.gl/EAy7SK
  5. Hm. The first question - how did you put main character? Looks like adding enemies should be similar. The main difference - how's managing that unit. For character it is supposed to be a human, but for NPC/MOBs - you should write some AI for that.
  6. You have a HTML5 game you've polished and now assuming it is ready. But did you carry how it looks on mobiles? Screen orientation, page zoom and touch events - that what you should worry about. More in the post: http://goo.gl/dT9FyI
  7. HTML5 is good for games and it is works on mobiles. But going mobile you should carry about some mobile-specific things: http://goo.gl/dT9FyI
  8. Well, as I promised I disclose code internals of how animated units made. It is a long post, that will cover units animation code, converting tiled layer to the object group and why it is done. Also map triggers introduced to the Tiled Game Engine. Welcome aboard! http://goo.gl/Zrwsmu
  9. Yep, I do not worry about that. Flash is also not closed. Even native applications, is not closed. If you're targeting to the mobile market - wrap your HTML5 with smth like NativeCanvas or similar. Installed app assets are not accessible for regular user. From other hand, hacker will break your game anyway will it be Flash, HTML5 or C++ - doesn't matter.
  10. Actually didn't get your problem. Tile set is correct and it is possible to create map as on example.
  11. There are many wrappers for native application, that manages with HTML5. From my perspective - using HTML5 you'll get wide auditory with on-line stores and platforms. Porting game to the mobile platform will not hurts you and can be made in one-two days. Flash is the same as HTML5, but requires additional plugins and not supported by all mobiles. My choice - HTML5
  12. Hi, It depends on: - What your backend should do? - What your hosting can support? - What language (JS or PHP) you know better? There are no silver bullet for all cases.
  13. Almost any game has units on board. RPG, tower defense, strategies - all such games has units and in most cases - they are animated. Now Tiled Game Engine supports animated units. http://www.elvarion.com/supporting-animated-units
  14. Hi, Today I've faced with issue in the Chrome, that was discovered several yeas ago - requestAnimationFrame leaks. Pity but true. A brief post about my investigation is on the site: http://www.elvarion.com/garbage-collection-in-the-game-loop-chrome-failure/ What other eags our great web-platform has?
  15. Animated tiles are very great feature in the Tiled Map Editor. In the new post I describe how to create animated tiles and how to support it in the Tiled Game Engine. Supporting animated tiles in TGE