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  1. Hi everyone, i want to present my project of a game collection app and a related portal to publish game for html5 developers. The project is based on a small javascript library that allow game developer to access native mobile features and it's composed by two apps: a very simple app for developers: JMD that is already on google play and can be a good tool to debug your games, even if you are not interested in publishing on the main app, as it allow the use of the remote debugging on android with chrome for android version 4.0 and higherand the gamers app: that will be released in the next months android first and then on ios, but i hope to build an alpha on google play in the next 2 weeks to get some feedbackThe documentation for the javascript library and all the information on how to publish games is here at, but even if you can register on the private area and publish games, it will not be reviewed till the alpha release. Future plans for the app is the integration of a weekly reward system for developers, sell the game with paypal to allow offline gaming and removing ads, achievements and multiplayer system integration. There are currently some friends game developers that are working as testers and i hope to find people on this forum intrested in the project aswell. I'm also looking for some very simple concept games mobile friendly to make some showcase for the JMD app and on the website, if you have any and want to get the full credit(link to the website, etc..) drop me an email at or send me a message on this forum. Thanks and hope to see some interesting feedback
  2. It's a nice show with a very not subtle at all critic vs stupid ideas like Bro App and false myth of silicon valley as the programmer paradise all made in the funny way
  3. crosswalk should create two different apk one for arm and one for x86 but those two use the same project using different crosswalk library to support different processors crosswalk base files size is about 18-20mb that means that your game must be around 30mb you have to use expansion-file... here you have the official explanation expansion files solutions for crosswalk: 1- use a cordova-crosswalk installation and make advantages of this plugin or similar plugin 2- you can download on your app folder project with the filesystem api the required files when the app first load but for doing that u need an online hosting where you store your assets there's also an opened request here for crosswalk and apk file extension happy coding
  4. nice one well done! i would like to play a full game based on it!
  5. it's hard to understand how to should really add a target or something to make it understandable
  6. nice game very funny..but this not an html5 game
  7. very funny and hard at the right level, i like it
  8. Thanks for the list, happy to hear they will remove the games(in less then a day you should see the app down if not they are just bullshitting on you), still seem kinda hard to believe they didn't notice any copyright...
  9. Hi, i want to present an app for developers that will be available soon on the play store, and gather some feedback about it. The app is built with cordova-crosswalk and gives the opportunity to developers to test games or general html projects through a small javascript library very easy to use with very few line of codes u can have access to the mobile native functionality and of course the app will be free. How it works Open the app and add the javascript library to your current project Create a new project in the app with url(online or local server) and name Open the project and start the fun, your project will be opened from an iframe inside the app and with the js library u can communicate with the app giving native commands For a very fast debug u can use chrome usb debug and check the console log error having a full view of the entire appFeatures Here a list of the main features, hope to add new things based on devs feedback debug app with chrome usb - adbdevice information(platform, model, version, uuid, mobile/tablet check, language, network)control screen orientation control status bar native accelerometer data in real timenative compass data in real timeadmob controlsfilemanager write/read/delete text file on the app installation foldersocial share with screenshot of the current page Future plans 1. realease the app for android 2. gather feedback, add functionality 3. realease the app for ios 4. build another app that will be used as a service for developers with the same features of the testing app, where you can publish games hosted on your own server getting the full credit and gaining visibility and money through admob Feedback Im just posting here to get some feedback about the idea and looking for game developer interested on the point 4. of future plans section, if you are interested in the project u can send me and email Screenshot preview Attached u can find a preview of the app debug on chrome.
  10. very very funny nice one
  11. I have so many projects in my mind but here a few that i hope to complete very soon: app utility projects(cordova based) with natives functionality made available by a js library written by me, debug through usb to make life easier during development for mobile, no more waste of times on building for debug all made to be "Faster Then the Speed of Love" cit.make the app available on android, with cordova-crosswalk combination, first then ioscomplete my own phaser learningcomplete some games focused for accelorometer on mobileopen a free service for game developers as an android/ios app where they can get some money with admob and have a bigger audience I hope to give some news for the first two points in the next weeks
  12. not bad at all can be a funny game with more contents(spells etc), i also like the improving spells/crafting system simple but gives longevity, i would add some simple things like: -spell current level on game view -i don like the spell positioning i would stick them all to the bottom -fliying monsters(just did first level dunno if there will be after) -for desktop users keyboard bindings spells would rock
  13. Android device can be very buggy and vary a lot even on same version, but in your case hardware it's probably the main cause of the sound delay. Anyway I like the physic behind this kind of games, and this one seem nice aswell, i found out a bug where sometime u get points just by touching the outside net. Not a bad game at all to be a first try
  14. Hi, i'm Mike i read a lot this forum but this is the first time i decided to post to ask something that is bothering me about testing html5 games in hybrid mobile app(using native functions like accelerometer for moving or screen oriantation...). Is there any easy/fast solution for doing that, at the moment i use cordova+crosswalk but my main problem is that is a waste of time building every time an app to test. I found around different apps to test apps in iframe so just loading an url and u can test on the webview but still u can't use native shining things.. So im trying to build my own developing tool to test html5 mobile games using native functions(and maybe share it around for others devs if considered usefull) and before i waste my time i would like to know if anyone know any good tool that can do that. Many thanks for your answers, any help is appreciated. Mike