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  1. Hi y'all, I'm bumping this thread to let y'all know we deployed a major update to DayJob (V0.3.0). Would love some detailed feedback on gameplay, immersion, balance, performance, etc. and if you hit any errors before we begin our marketing push. We're on both web and Android Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rabbitholegames.dayjob&hl=en Web: https://day-job.io/ We are still considering this our beta or early access but we've just about hit the point with development where we're happy with calling this product launched and will begi
  2. Thanks for the feedback @ShrewdPixel! Will take a look at the guest functionality; glad everything else seemed to be working. Our story line is currently in rough draft - we'd like to experiment with using the story itself to help explain the game, though we do have a minimal tutorial right now. For release we will likely have a more in depth tutorial that explains each aspect of the game.
  3. Yeah, sounding like guest login is the next feature we should add for sake of demoing
  4. I think I made it through but it felt like it froze at the end. The music kept playing though. Really like the mechanic; the movement itself feels VERY fluid aside from some rendering glitches if you move too fast/bump into walls. I was able to bumble my way through from like 25% - 90% but hitting random keys; could prevent that with level design or an invisible wall. Cool concept , thanks for sharing. Also, you may want to consider using runes/archaic looking symbolism though geometry definitely does add to the mystical feel
  5. You know, we didn't even think about that. We will look into incorporating a feature like that. Technically right now your email can be a username - that is to say we aren't collecting emails. I suppose it isn't obvious though. Thank you for the feedback!
  6. Also, browser version: http://day-job.io
  7. Minus the choice. and adventure. Day Job is a delve into the mundane. Play the role of a generic office worker. What do you do? Work, slack, or consume. Once you finish your day at work a narrative will occur to your character. This is based on your character's personality. Whoa, that's right. Getting psychological up in here. We actually follow The Big Five Personality Traits and narratives and items both affect these traits. Some narratives require a certain range of trait values. The game itself is made using angular2pixi (found here) which we created to integrate Pixi
  8. I'm under the impression replying bumps this post and I don't want to bloat this board with a new post: Our game using A2P is ready for testing and we are trying to get feedback. If you are iOS please message me, for android https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.rabbitholegames.dayjob
  9. Hey y'all, I made a package that I have been heavily using and honing in a game I'm working on. It allows you to use markup to create PIXI scenes. I'm hoping it'll help someone out there (and help make PIXI easier to use with angular2). Currently, it's not really optimized for performance as it's in its early stages (and I'm not that talented). If anyone has suggestions, feedback, or just wants to give it a whirl here is the github and npm info. It is being actively developed and maintained. https://github.com/Shadowstep33/Angular2Pixi https://www.npmjs.com/package/angular2pixi
  10. questioning whether or not to use Pixi? Just remember that the upper limit of a technology is an interplay of the technology itself and the user. I'm by no means the greatest programmer but with some help from the right people and the right technology, awesome things can be achieved: The above demo for our next game (Lux) is done 100% in browser with pixi Better yet, a gamepad is being used to spin the camera! The final product will not be done in html5 (or at least, not only html5), as there would currently be some platform restrictions on it being in html5. Just wanted to
  11. niceee thank you that will definitely come in useful for my purposes!
  12. Hi guys, I was trying to find an answer to this but had some problems (maybe my Google-fu is just a little off today). Thankfully, I figured out the answer myself. Assuming you have a character walking around in a world of containers (for example, walking from one zone to the other where each zone is a container that is next to the other) the calculation is: newX = oldX + (oldContainerX - newContainerX); newY = oldY + (oldContainerY - newContainerY); and a real code example: if(buckets['walking'].parent){ var newX = buckets['walking'].position.x + (bu
  13. Hey all, have another game for you to check out It's just a quick little timing game to see what kind of simple yet fun real time interactions can be achieved using pixi, spine, node, cocoon, and socket.io. Hit start then press Go to make your shinobi run and Hit to make him slash. You have to slash your opponent. If you slash and miss, you lose. Good luck, it's actually decently hard. If you queue up within two seconds of someone else, you fight each other live! It's pretty fun if you play with people in your immediate vicinity. Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?
  14. Hey all, hopefully I allowed an appropriate amount of time to pass before bumping this (I don't want to be spamming or anything). We have revamped a lot about the game including core mechanics and made some modifications to our performance. The game still needs some asset load prioritization but I was hoping for more feedback and constructive criticism now that we have progressed a lot in our development.
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