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  1. Thanks for the feedback @ShrewdPixel! Will take a look at the guest functionality; glad everything else seemed to be working. Our story line is currently in rough draft - we'd like to experiment with using the story itself to help explain the game, though we do have a minimal tutorial right now. For release we will likely have a more in depth tutorial that explains each aspect of the game.
  2. Yeah, sounding like guest login is the next feature we should add for sake of demoing
  3. I think I made it through but it felt like it froze at the end. The music kept playing though. Really like the mechanic; the movement itself feels VERY fluid aside from some rendering glitches if you move too fast/bump into walls. I was able to bumble my way through from like 25% - 90% but hitting random keys; could prevent that with level design or an invisible wall. Cool concept , thanks for sharing. Also, you may want to consider using runes/archaic looking symbolism though geometry definitely does add to the mystical feel
  4. You know, we didn't even think about that. We will look into incorporating a feature like that. Technically right now your email can be a username - that is to say we aren't collecting emails. I suppose it isn't obvious though. Thank you for the feedback!
  5. Also, browser version:
  6. Minus the choice. and adventure. Day Job is a delve into the mundane. Play the role of a generic office worker. What do you do? Work, slack, or consume. Once you finish your day at work a narrative will occur to your character. This is based on your character's personality. Whoa, that's right. Getting psychological up in here. We actually follow The Big Five Personality Traits and narratives and items both affect these traits. Some narratives require a certain range of trait values. The game itself is made using angular2pixi (found here) which we created to integrate Pixi into Angular2+. The code itself should be obfuscated, so no peeking BUT we are more than happy to answer any questions about the development of the game. Overall, making Day Job was a grandly satisfying endeavor and we hope to grow it into something great. The narratives in the game right now are placeholder while we work on the real story. We hope to cleverly explore the human condition and poke fun at capitalism, consumerism, and modern day wage slavery. If you'd like to follow our fledgling game studio or stay up to date on Day Job development make sure to subscribe to us on social media: Enjoy! Browser: Android:
  7. I'm under the impression replying bumps this post and I don't want to bloat this board with a new post: Our game using A2P is ready for testing and we are trying to get feedback. If you are iOS please message me, for android
  8. Hey y'all, I made a package that I have been heavily using and honing in a game I'm working on. It allows you to use markup to create PIXI scenes. I'm hoping it'll help someone out there (and help make PIXI easier to use with angular2). Currently, it's not really optimized for performance as it's in its early stages (and I'm not that talented). If anyone has suggestions, feedback, or just wants to give it a whirl here is the github and npm info. It is being actively developed and maintained. FYI: on the roadmap is more support and out-of-the-box components that implements PIXI's built in features.
  9. questioning whether or not to use Pixi? Just remember that the upper limit of a technology is an interplay of the technology itself and the user. I'm by no means the greatest programmer but with some help from the right people and the right technology, awesome things can be achieved: The above demo for our next game (Lux) is done 100% in browser with pixi Better yet, a gamepad is being used to spin the camera! The final product will not be done in html5 (or at least, not only html5), as there would currently be some platform restrictions on it being in html5. Just wanted to share some Pixi eye-candy and hopefully inspiration to thoroughly explore your possibilities (especially as html5 and webgl support becomes more prevalent)
  10. niceee thank you that will definitely come in useful for my purposes!
  11. Hi guys, I was trying to find an answer to this but had some problems (maybe my Google-fu is just a little off today). Thankfully, I figured out the answer myself. Assuming you have a character walking around in a world of containers (for example, walking from one zone to the other where each zone is a container that is next to the other) the calculation is: newX = oldX + (oldContainerX - newContainerX); newY = oldY + (oldContainerY - newContainerY); and a real code example: if(buckets['walking'].parent){ var newX = buckets['walking'].position.x + (buckets['walking'].parent.position.x - buckets.biomes[overlappingBiomes[0]].scen.position.x); var newY = buckets['walking'].position.y + (buckets['walking'].parent.position.y - buckets.biomes[overlappingBiomes[0]].scen.position.y); // buckets['walking'].parent.removeChild(buckets['walking']); buckets.biomes[overlappingBiomes[0]].scen.addChild(buckets['walking']); buckets['walking'].position.x = newX; buckets['walking'].position.y = newY; } Hopefully this helps someone! Cheers
  12. Hey all, have another game for you to check out It's just a quick little timing game to see what kind of simple yet fun real time interactions can be achieved using pixi, spine, node, cocoon, and Hit start then press Go to make your shinobi run and Hit to make him slash. You have to slash your opponent. If you slash and miss, you lose. Good luck, it's actually decently hard. If you queue up within two seconds of someone else, you fight each other live! It's pretty fun if you play with people in your immediate vicinity. Google Play Facebook The art is simple and there's almost 0 polish added. The point was to pump out a game as fast as possible that utilized these technologies. We will probably update the art and possibly add a persistent score and leaderboard. It's not super innovative or pretty, but that's the point. It is decently cute and fun *Screen shots are from phone*
  13. Hey all, hopefully I allowed an appropriate amount of time to pass before bumping this (I don't want to be spamming or anything). We have revamped a lot about the game including core mechanics and made some modifications to our performance. The game still needs some asset load prioritization but I was hoping for more feedback and constructive criticism now that we have progressed a lot in our development.
  14. Use Cocoon.App.forward for both sending info to the WebView and to the Canvas+. Just depends on which environment you use the command from.
  15. Actually, nevermind about the prior post. WebView is correct vs. Webview, but it doesnt seem to have a .forward method
  16. Related to the whole "Dur, how do I send information to Webview from Canvas+?" Use Cocoon.WebView and not Cocoon.Webview....
  17. I think I figured this one out on my own. It seemed like a combination of things, here is what I fixed to get it working: a.) I wasn't calling loader.load().... Duh b.) I'm now using window.requestAnimationFrame() instead of requestAnimationFrame c.) I segmented out the code further and removed more instances of jQuery being called from Canvas+ and references to undefined global variables d.) Removed a couple sprites that exceeded max texture bounds; errors for this did not appear until resolving the issues above In conclusion, it seemed like my Containers were getting initialized but not drawn too and code was stopping abruptly so something about that was causing a "static-y" look. I foresee getting much headache in trying to get Canvas+ and Webview to play nicely, mainly in getting information from Canvas+ to Webview. For example, if I render a Sprite in Canvas+, the reference (and click handler) now live in that environment and I'm unsure of how to make the Canvas+ handler trigger an event in Webview.
  18. Hi all, I'm trying to get a project working in Cocoonjs with Pixi. At first I was under the impression that I could just take my code and place it in a Canvas+ and be good to go. I'm now realizing, to utilize my UI I will need access to the full DOM features, so I also need to use a Webview. Now I am trying to use both and am refactoring my code (side question: Does Ludei claim you can use the same code because it works if you only use a Webview? Do they expect that you can use the same code if you need to use both a Canvas+ and Webview? I don't see how they could since you have to write custom code to make Webview and Canvas+ interact). So here's the problem; I finally got all errors and warnings out of the code after doing a bit of refactoring. I've separated all to most of the PIXI/rendering specific code from the jQuery and DOM related code. I load the Webview, the app connects to my game server as expected but the canvas looks glitchy. By that, I mean it looks like what would accompany static on a TV, but less exaggerated. It will be mostly black with glitchy, patterned grey pixels interspersed. Every once in a while it will jump to having more grey static and then go back to more black. I can provide code or screenshots if needed. I am using Pixi v3 (I think v3.0.6). I am also using pixi-spine (unsure of the version). Autodetect renderer seems to be using Canvas renderer. Has anyone experienced (and fixed) this kind of thing?
  19. I believe I managed to fix a lot of the problems with the tutorial if you wouldn't mind giving it a second glance. I haven't rearranged or handled load order of assets yet but that is on my agenda for the next two patches including Spine animations for most of the monsters. I will post back here when the Spine animations are in place because I'd really like to showcase those.
  20. **Oops, the img 404'd in the post but I can see it when I click it. Thanks for the screenshot tips4design, I am going to take a look at this myself on Monday
  21. Thank you for the feedback! Barriers to entry are an on-going struggle we're having When you say you got stuck at lvl 2, do you mean your monsters level or your player level (i.e. When the level up loot screen came up you couldn't click anything)? Also, thank you about the music and graphics. It's all original content so I'll make sure to pass the compliment on. We do preload almost all of our assets, but I don't think I'm preloading the optimal ones when it comes to certain domains (like the adventure mode).
  22. **The primary main known problems as of this moment are some complications/lag in collecting from buildings and excessive redrawing on collectors
  23. Hi all, I've been a bit more of a lurker when it comes to this forum. I've made a couple posts, all related to pixi and have been more active on their github forum than on html5gamedevs. The fruits of about half of a year's work has finally come together in a beta game on Facebook. I'd love for anyone who has a chance to check it out. Any and all feedback is welcomed (you can either reply here on in our in game support ticket center). We use a good bit of DOM elements for our menu UIs and Pixi to render the game. and Nodejs are used in the javascript backend and CI for the html framework. As I have been the lead programmer on the game, I am more than willing to answer questions anyone might have related to the technical side of developing a game like this. I'm also open to any suggestions or tips Please keep in mind that this is a beta and there are some bugs, but we are actively developing the game and released it into beta to help generate some revenue while we continue to improve the game. We also just pushed out a patch that needs some bug fixes, so there are at least two pretty visible known problems. The url is **The screenshots are not full game screenshots, as I simply "Save as Image"d the game canvas.
  24. Hello all, so let's say I have two Sprites with hitboxes that overlap each other, let's just say by 50% for now (so sort of like a venn diagram). Is there a way to detect if my mouse is in the overlapping area of the hitboxes, or does the first hitbox prevent any sort of event propagation? Im essentially trying to figure out how to determine if the mouse is in overlapping hitboxes, without having to iterate through every sprite and mathematically checking if their hitboxes overlap. Thanks!