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  1. Hi anybody noticed issues with masking on the latest chrome v50.0.2661 Masking seems to be completely broken even on vanilla pixijs example. Firefox and canary work fine. Thank you for the help. Additional information about problem. It only ocures on windows 10 with AMD graphic cards. Solution would appear to be disabling webgl rendering and fallbacking to canvas.
  2. Hey, I've sent you private message.

  3. I would argue that you don't have lodash.js in compiled into. For test try including lodash.js before compiled.js in web page as a script to see if that works. If so then your compiler is not compiling it into compiled.js
  4. I don't know if it is worth noting but I am using CDN with older version and it works perfectly with minor changes. Either way loader is in the pixijs. Which worked in version 2.1.0
  5. Neso

    Panda 2 development

    Preventing no. Also note that it isn't consistent behaviour with tabs opened and so on. Yes safari is real mess at the moment. But you can detect whether you are in full screen or not.
  6. Neso

    Panda 2 development

    Just watch out as resize will fire on iOS devices when browser URL bar is shown or hidden.
  7. Yes that is true. Making games work in adobe air is possible but it is painful. Few things I've observed. Web view identifies itself as one of the latest browsers but in fact this is not true. There are serious discrepancies between. Native browser and the web view with using native browser flag set to true.Audio will be huge issue, I've ended with disabling it.Audio web api is not available. You have to watch out which stage is in use. You have to use adobe air one. Otherwise, there will be noticeable issues with canvas rendering. Usually only white screen as result.WebGL is not available.Rendering texts that are not bitmap fonts will prove troublesome. And I've noticed performance drops if you are trying to render a lot of them.Overall performance is worst then running the game in native browser on the same device.On iOS everything works fine and game performs more or less as expected. To conclude don't use it unless you have to for some weird reason. And unless you have some legacy software. Cacoonjs is far better option, in regards to options and performance.
  8. I have a game that uses pixijs as an engine. And when I try to load it trough adobe air web view the game doesn't show. In the logs it would appear like the javascript and everything is working. But the canvas is not displayed. Did anyone experience issue like this or tried to run games in webview. I tried running bunny example and it didn't work as well. Thank you all.
  9. I've been using base64 encoded images as loader backgrounds.
  10. I had similar issue once though it was not with events. Maybe you are not destroying object but just removing reference to it. ANd since you passed the object in add function it will stay alive as garbage collector will not pick it up until all references are removed. And even then you cannot be certain when will garbage collector kick in. So my best bet is that you show how you remove items. Because I am certain event persists due to reference you passed.
  11. Neso


    I have solution implemented with overlaying div. which allows you to drag it so that browser goes to minimal mode and then it disappears. Do you have any other solution in mind?
  12. Neso


    That isn't supported on iOS devices as far as I know. It needs to be user interaction that pushes the bars off the screen. And current docs suggest it isn't even implemented.
  13. Neso


    Is there any specific reason this was there? I've commented it out in order to be able to go to fullscreen mode on iOS devices. Or was there different workaround to go to fullscreen on iOS devices.
  14. Neso


    Hi, By chance I have discovered that in system.js there is piece of code that actually preventsDefault behaviour for the touchstart. Does anyone know why is this there? document.addEventListener('touchstart', function(e) { e.preventDefault();}, false);Thanks.
  15. Interesting I read docs and they clearly state that changing width or height will adjust scale. I haven't ever tried changing sprite size by changing width but setting scale point always worked for me.