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  1. @ivan.popelyshev would be great if we could share some resources / code along the way. Didn't know about meta2d till just now, I took a quick look but could not find anything about the editor. Using some shared file formats would be great as we would built tools that can work together. As said, we will release more of our code and it all builts ontop of the POM idea. So it really is the center piece.
  2. (I also work at Grey Rook) Hey, thanks for the great replies @ivan.popelyshev i commented on your issue / feature request and I agree, we should have rotation in degrees! pixi v4 I suggest we keep compatibility to v3 for some time. We internally will take some time to move to v4 - test a lot of stuff before we can move our content and I would like to throw away our internal POM version and built upon the foss one asap. open sourcing the editor Sorry i have to disappoint you on this - currently it is not planned. It is a really big code base - client and server (There is a lot more than one might think at first, for example just think asset management - you upload a file in what ever you like format and it gets converted. Upload a tiff and you get a png, pxr, dds. Upload multiple numbered tiffs and you also get a mp4 and webm. acutally multiple mp4 for different browsers, etc. etc. etc). And some of the code we cannot legally open source. So cleaning it up for a open source release takes a lot of manpower that we currently cannot justify, business wise. Sorry. But we will move bottom up - open sourcing one thing at a time. And hoping it is still useful for you guys!
  3. It is saved on the server. It could also be done local with indexdb or some other local storage of html5 but that is not our use case.
  4. The data is json and saved via ajax or websocket. This is fully separated from the view so it doesn't matter if you use dom or pixi to draw a timeline - keep your data separated.
  5. cacheAsBitmap creates a new canvas that is not displayed, draws your Graphics onto it and uses it as texture on the rendering canvas. With something around 16k by 6k you hit the limits of your browser.
  6. we did a time line in https://github.com/brean/gown.js
  7. We further investigated and could only reproduce the problem on one machine so I suspect gpu / graphic driver / os combination as culprit and not pixi. Sorry for the noise
  8. Our Draw2Script alpha2 just got released - and it now got "export to PIXI_tiny" within the GUI. So you can directly export from Adobe Illustrator to pixi from within Illustrator. It really is alpha stage and we are interested in feedback if this is useful for anyone else out there.
  9. Hey, when using texture from video the texture looks strangely pixelated as seen in the attached screenshot. It only occurs with the WebGL renderer. The video is not scaled. Is there a way to avoid this problem?
  10. Hey! if you - like us - come from easel.js to pixi you might have code laying around that looks like this: graphics.ss(line_width).s(color).p("EAu4A+gIAAvoIgKAAIveAAIAA/GIAAAAIPeAAIAAAAIAAvy").es().ss(line_width).s(color).p("AcIPoIAAfQIAAAAI8IAA").es().f(color).p("EAvqAfQIkshQIAAA8IrkAAIAAAUIAAAKIAAAUILkAAIAAAyIEshQ").cp().ef(); Then you are missing the easel.js tiny api. At least, we did. So we ported the easel.js tiny API to pixi. The code is up on github: https://github.com/GreyRook/PIXI_tiny If the code looks strange to you: it is generated by tools like drawscript (which sadly is discontinued so we are also working on an open source clone) Let me know if any of this is useful for you!
  11. We are again looking for freelancers with PIXI experience! Experience with (direct) WebGL is a big plus. Just with my last post: The project is not going to be a game or complete app. We will have several smaller projects / utilities around PIXI as well as some consulting around PIXI and related technologies.
  12. You can cache drawing using offscreen canvas - its already build into pixi so the performance is not a problem. What are currently working on is https://github.com/GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js/issues/1567 and is intended to be merged back into pixi. We are also interested in having something like http://drawscri.pt/ for pixi.
  13. Hey, we are switching to pixi from createjs too! And there are several interesting tools for createJS we are missing. I guess you are referring to the "Toolkit for CreateJS"? We are currently not directly working on it but on similar things - like implementing drawing primitives that are missing in PIXI that are needed for better compatibility between pixi and easeljs/createjs. Tooling would be next. If you are going to work in this direction too - maybe we can collaborate.
  14. I created an issue on github: https://github.com/GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js/issues/1567 PR will follow as soon as the WebGL part is done.
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    ScrollBox GUI

    Those two projects might be useful for you: https://github.com/brean/pixi_uihttps://github.com/SebastianNette/PIXI.draggable