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  1. @bubamara @tardigrade @Jack0815 @drhayes @gingerbeardman @mxmlb thanks for the compliments!
  2. Yes, is a known bug. In fact there are plenty of bugs... the game needs massive polish. It's 100% Work in progress Well, for now i will concetrate on pop1. And about full screen option, i doubt it because i want real pixels, like in the original game. Perhaps i will put an option to scale the screen but i'm not interested in smooth display. thanks!
  3. New post: all levels implemented. You play through all the 15 levels (demo and potion level included) http://wp.me/p5Ju6W-12
  4. New Post! Level builder explained. You can navigate between rooms. Go check my development blog
  5. Hi, i'm slowly developing a remake of Prince of Persia in HTML5 using Phaser. You can follow my devlog on http://ultrabolido.wordpress.com For now, you can try to play with some prince actions: jump, run, crawl, ... Click here to test I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me Thanks