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  1. Hello :-) Is not possible to have same feature as v2.2.0 with horizontal gradient lighting like that ? :
  2. I don't understand your answer, you remove others lights Do you see the differences between my two screenshots ? in this post : Have a nice evening ;-)
  3. Yes, sorry :-P Here it is ;-) http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2ETSGI#0 With 2.2.0 : With 2.3.0-beta : Thanks :-D
  4. I played with alpha but I didn't find a convenient solution. I have many materials whish are dynamic, that means I have no backup of their material. I tried to play with fog, I fog all the scene and try to set fogEnabled to false for mesh that I want to see, but that don't work too. Is it possible to set a material temporarily ? Imagine, you have a virtual smartphone and you want to take a picture of an object wish is very closest, so the phone's camera focus on object, this object is clear and all the rest of the scene is blured, do you have an idea to do similar effect with babylonjs ?
  5. Hello, I played with intensity, exponent and range values but I don't success to same result as before :-( The lighting isn't gradient, it change directly from light to dark, have you an idea ?
  6. 1. OK 2. OK. Before in 2.2.0, if I called material.dispose(), meshes with the material have kept their material at the displaying screen. 3. OK thanks :-D EDIT: I put images in the correct order, the image you talk about is v2.2.0 ;-)
  7. Thanks ;-) Yes, but I don't know why, when it's a TouchCamera, the scene.activeCamera.detachcontrol(canvas); function doesn't work as FreeCamera :-/
  8. Here some texture's / 3d model's websites : Archive3d http://archive3d.net/ References3d http://www.references3d.com/ Sketchfab https://sketchfab.com/models?features=downloadable Clara.io : https://clara.io/library?query=shelf TurboSquid : http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-model/...min_price=0 3dxtras : http://www.3dxtras.com/3dxtras-free-3d-models-list.asp?catid=-1 CGTrader : http://www.cgtrader.com TF3DM : http://tf3dm.com/
  9. Hello guys, I updated my project from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0-beta, and I have 3 differences so I have to apply these modifications, Is what it is intended? Problem 1: /* ambientTexture.vOffset updated from 0 to 0.42 */ scene.getMeshByName('Floor').material.ambientTexture.vOffset = -0.42; // vOffset LightMap Problem 2: A multiMat.dispose() difference : v2.2.0 (with multiMat.dispose();) scene.materials.length: 373 Displaying is working with dispose because the multimat is still attach to the mesh. v2.3.0-beta (without multiMat.dispose();): scene.materials.length: 453 with multiMat.dispose(); : Displaying isn't working with dispose because the multimat is really dispose of the mesh. Problem 3: // Lighting is different for SpotLight : scene.getLightByName('Spot').exponent = 1.2; You can see the difference between 2.3.0-beta and 2.2.0 in pictures. I tried to play with intensity and exponent in order to have the same result as before with a gradient color light but without success, do you have a solution ? :-) v2.2.0 : v2.3.0-beta
  10. Hello guys =) I used BJS 2.2.0 and I updated to 2.3.0-beta, but my Blender Scene has differences now : before (2.2.0) in Camera.Parse function, there were : if (parsedCamera.type === "...") { ... } else { // Free Camera is the default value camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera(parsedCamera.name, position, scene); } and now (2.3.0-beta) its by default a Touch Camera : // Touch Camera is the default value camera = new BABYLON.TouchCamera(parsedCamera.name, position, scene); Why FreeCamera type isn't take account ? (my Blender export in the JSON file "type":"FreeCamera") Just add this : else if (parsedCamera.type === "FreeCamera") { camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera(parsedCamera.name, position, scene); }
  11. Hello guys =) Here is the playground : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#21RXUB#0 If you put a bad URL in the texture Task, the onError calback isn't triggered, how to handle it ? (in order to not show the default black/red checkerboard) Thanks
  12. OK, so the only solution to reduce this time is that I resize image from Backend before to send it to frontEnd ? (with power of 2) EDIT : Is it possible to trigger the compilation only after the end of all downloads ? (refer to the following post)
  13. Ok, thanks Dad72, your solution works ;-) But finally, this is not that the problem : the total downloads take less 10 seconds but all images are displayed after 20 seconds, BJS do blob one after one I have impression ?
  14. OK for CORS implementation ;-) But, I need to load instantly between 50 and 240 different images, but these images are dynamic and they depend of keywords like an online shop so I can't use sprite sheet :-( Because that I would like to request more than 6 simultaneous connexions to my proxy PHP script.
  15. Hello guys ans happy new year =D In order to solve cross-origin blocks, I created a PHP script which transfer images from other subdomains but the problem is that navigators implements a Simultaneous TCP connexions Limit (6 for Chrom and Firefox). To implement CORS I added these lines in my PHP script : header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *'); header('Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true'); Exists another way to bypass cross-origin blocks ? (download the image in the DOM and use it for WebGL ?) Thanks