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  1. @staff0rd Yes, that one guy is from golden axe, the other one is from mortal combat II. And regarding the game play - flykick doesn't not help that match at the final waves. The way i find it easiest to finish the game is to repeating the punch-retreat-punch again sequence. @marcgfx Thanks for the note on ctrl+arrows. Definitely have to fix it. The title - well yeah, had a lot of thinking about it. It's not about my personal views or something, more about on riding on media hysteria. Eventually changing the logo and intro text can result in completely different topic. Thanks for the input guys, i appreciate it.
  2. Hi everyone. I would like to share my small game made mostly on weekend and after-work hours. I'ts a classic 8-bit(16-bit?) beat'em'up game with one level of 5 waves. But mind you - last wave is not easy to beat. None of the artwork or audio is mine. Just coding... The title/plot is a bit political, but no offense was intended. Just some fun and a bit of nostalgia. I would like to hear what you think about it. Should it evolve into full-featured game, or few minutes of game-play i enough? Have fun! Virbas.
  3. Hi, Just posted a new topic on the showcase, but i don't see it approved, nor do i see it in "my contents". So this is just a test if the previuos post worked at all. You can ignore this topic.
  4. My first game using Phaser. It was created as an interactive new years greeting card. And while there's still winter in europe, i thought its nice to let the game into the public. link: Ride the sledges and collect bonus points. Avoid knocking down the trees and snowmansand have a good 2015. Game is based on P2 physics engine. It can be played on mobile devices as well with some controls (jumping) and collisions (for trees and snowmans) disabled. The frame rate on mobile varies somewhat betweet 25 and 50 FPS. Controls: up - accelerate down - brake left - rotate left right - rotate right I hope you will enjoy it!