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  1. On 12/21/2020 at 6:57 AM, k12gamer said:

    Cool...How about also allowing the arrow keys to control the car...for right handed players.

    Yes, just forgot to add this, thanks)

    On 12/21/2020 at 6:57 PM, benediktloeffler said:

    I know it's a fan project, but I'll write down some things that came to mind, in case you ever decide to develop the game further:

    • It took me some time before I realized that the orange lights aren't in fact lights, but that they guide to the checkpoints (I didn't watch the video before playing). When starting the game there could be an info pop-up that indicates this.
    • After 5 minutes I quit because there aren't any goals or levels (I suppose?).
    • The screen shaking was a bit too much for me.

    Yes, the I've already changed the indicator some time erlier bacause of the same feedback, thanks

    Yes, you right there's no more levels. Unfortunally, I have no time for that, maybe I'll add multiplayer some time later, but have no time for multiple levels and something else.

  2. 1200_630.thumb.png.514757debd148a12229dd8b7a2329e3e.png

    Hi. I glad to introduce you a new game that was created by our team - it's called Arcade Race and it's a simple racing game where you need to go from checkpoint to checkpoint trying to do it in short time. It's a 3d game but made in old pixel game style like Interstate76 or first Carmagedon . Please don't judge it seriously it's just a fan art inspired by old games. It works directly in browser and mobile devices with friendly controlls. Enjoy.

    It was made using Verge3D engine in Blender with help of Inkscape and Gimp.

    Here's a link to the game


    And some screenshots


  3. Hi, we glad to introduce you a new series of tutorial that explain how to create WebGL 3D applications using Maya and Verge3D.

    You will learn how to create a 3d-web application from first step till the publishing it in the net. Enjoy.




    Link to the application


    1 – Intro
    2 – Creating a New Project
    3 – Materials and Environment
    4 – Camera, Puzzles and Background
    5 – Creating HTML Interface
    6 – Layout for Mobile Devices
    7 – Interactive Animation and Sounds
    8 – Material Configurator
    9 – Adding Annotations
    10 – Post-effects and Antialiasing
    11 – Application Optimizations
    12 – Publishing Online

  4. Hi, we glad to introduce you a new series of tutorial that explain how to create WebGL 3D applications using Blender and Verge3D.

    You will learn how to create a 3d-web application from first step till the publishing it in the net. Enjoy.



    Link to the application


    1 – Intro
    2 – Creating a New Project
    3 – Materials and Environment
    4 – Camera, Puzzles and Background
    5 – Creating HTML Interface
    6 – Layout for Mobile Devices
    7 – Interactive Animation and Sounds
    8 – Material Configurator
    9 – Adding Annotations
    10 – Post-effects and Antialiasing
    11 – Application Optimizations
    12 – Publishing the Scene

  5. maya-release2-720x360.jpg

    We are excited to announce that Verge3D, an artist-friendly toolkit for creating web interactives, is now available to Autodesk Maya users!

    Verge3D allows a designer to create online experiences with Blender, 3ds Max, and now Maya. Interactivity scenarios can be added using Puzzles, Verge3D’s visual scripting editor, without any programming code.

    Link to the full article


    Blender Changes

    For this major version we rebuilt UI/UX for our tools – the App Manager and Puzzles, as well as application templates. The App Manager obtained new functions, such as uploading of application archives, moving apps to system Trash, picking up the user-defined folder with apps, and many other things. The Puzzles editor layout has been radically changed to allow for more work space. The long-awaited dark theme has been introduced for Verge3D as well. Finally, Oculus Quest and similar devices are now supported, including their powerful controllers. The 3.0 version is compatible with the newest Blender 2.82, bringing its features to the web.

    Link to the full article


    3ds Max Changes

    It brings App Manager and Puzzles overhaul and the upgraded templates for applications. The App Manager now can upload application archives, move apps to system Trash, pick up the user-defined folder with apps. The layout of the Puzzles has been rebuilt for more work space. We also introduce the dark theme – a feature which was asked for a lot. And the last but not least, Oculus Quest is now supported together with its mighty controllers.

    Link to the full article

  6. On 12/30/2019 at 5:59 PM, plicatibu said:

    I went to the link and played a bit customizing a ring  but I failed to find its price and how to order it.

    Yes, there's no that thing. This application demonstrates a possibilities of engene in graphics and new some new features, so to not overcolplicate it I decide not to include price calculations in it. For price calculations you can look at another aplication from our site, for example Recliner Configurator.

  7. We are happy to finalize this year efforts by another release! The 2.17 update brings many Blender integration improvements including the possibility to create anisotropic materials, a Windows installer, range sliders for post-effects with real-time preview, CSS colors support in Puzzles, various WebXR/VR updates, and the QR code generator for publishing. Besides, a new long-awaited demo has been completed by this date and included in this release. Enjoy!


    Seeing much interest from jewelers, we decided to create a new application to demonstrate how Verge3D can help this industry. This demo shows off the latest development advancements and has the following features:

    • 11 ring designs loaded at user request, coming with 5 shapes each
    • 5 ring curvatures
    • selection of 3 metals, 7 gems, and 4 pearls
    • switch between single and multiple gems
    • text engraving based on user input with 5 different fonts
    • bloom effect and real-time refraction for the gem material
    • hand-made HTML UI scripted with Puzzles (no JavaScript used)
    • mobile layout
    • 6x-8x compression for all assets for quick loading


    Many thousands of possible combinations and custom engraving ensure that the client will obtain a unique ring. You can try out this configurator yourself by following this link or clicking on the image below.

  8. duck-reflective-puzzles.jpg

    We are excited to present a new version of Verge3D, an artist-friendly toolkit for creating web interactives! With version 2.15, we further extend the integration with Blender by supporting the Filmic color management mode and Image Texture parameters. We made scenes more compact and load faster thanks to various optimizations, introduced the support for gamepads which can also be used in VR mode, and allowed vanilla glTF files to be displayed with Verge3D. Finally, we included the source code for some engine modules for programmers to review and modify!


    Link to the Full Article

  9. Finally, after 6 weeks of hard work and 4 pre-releases we are excited to present Verge3D 2.9 for Blender!

    This release is so huge that we even thought of assigning a major version number (making it 3.0), but decided to save it for the future until we support a third 3D editor.


    Here is the list of the most significant features:

    • Support for Blender 2.8 and the Eevee renderer!
    • New Eevee-based demo – Scooter Customizer!
    • HDR rendering pipeline and radiance HDR textures
    • Post-processing effects – bloom, brightness-contrast, grayscale, DOF and SSAO
    • Many new puzzles including those for changing RGB and Value nodes of materials and the world
    • Better anti-aliasing for reflective materials
    • Dozens of other improvements and bug fixes.

    Link to the fool article.


  10. insight_3.jpg

    This interactive application was developed by a group of 3D graphics specialists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Using Blender and Verge3D, the team led by Brian Kumanchik with support from Soft8Soft developers created an engaging WebGL experience to give you the opportunity to explore all the details of this mission.


    Enjoy Experience InSight by following this link. Click (or touch) and drag to explore this 3D visualization of the Mars InSight lander. Use the control panel on the left to learn about the lander’s components.

  11. verge3d-28-release-720x360.png

    We have released a new version of Verge3D, an artist-friendly WebGL toolkit for Blender and 3ds Max users.

    In this release:

    • The Puzzles editor now can have user-defined tabs!
    • Local transform puzzle to control your animated characters and move other objects in local space.
    • Verge3D WordPress plugin updated and published in the official WordPress.org catalog.
    • 300+ ready-to-use code examples updated and published on Github.
    • Features for Blender users: custom split normals, support for Layer Weight and Transparent BSDF nodes from the Cycles renderer.
    • Many other improvements and bug fixes the full list of which can be found here:



    We are finally releasing Verge3D 2.5 for 3ds Max – it took longer than we thought, yet the amount of new features that we delivered this time was definitely worth waiting for. In this release are reworked physical materials, support for bipeds and character rigs, animation of material parameters, support for more texture settings, anisotropic filtering and various new puzzles to help creating even more engaging interactive scenarios without coding.

    Link to the Full Article

    Link to the Realtime Application

    Youtube Video


  13. We are glad to present a new release of Verge3D – the Blender version comes first this time. We included several significant improvements in this release, such as basic support for Cycles nodes, puzzles for dragging objects with the mouse or gestures and puzzles for limiting object movement, support for anisotropic filtering for textures, Unicode characters and new settings for constraints. We have also created a new application to demo all these features.


    In this release:

    • Support for Cycles renders, including physically-based lighting model and the Principled BSDF node!
    • New Puzzles for positioning, rotating and zooming objects by using the mouse or touch screen. This tool has unlimited possibilities whether it's controlling the a complex equipment or the simple arrangement of the furniture in your apartment.
    • Support for international and special characters for the names of objects, animations, files and projects.
    • Textures now look much better due to anisotropic filtering feature.
    • Ability to control constraints, procedural animations, sounds and many other features in the Puzzles editor.
    • Various UI/UX improvements in App Manager.

    Remember the NASA Curiosity application? Now you can create the same app without a line of code using only visual logic blocks, look at our new example.

    Link to the Industrial Robot demo

    Link to the Full Article



  14. Just now, SvenFrankson said:

    Great job ! 

    Is this app made only using your "Interactivity without coding" feature ? Are the handles in the scene (the blue arrow moving the cameras for example) from a ToolBox in your software ?

    This app was made using java script, but already in the next release we'll present new logic blocks that allows you to recreate such kind of functionality without coding.  The release will be at the end of this week or on the monday of the next and it will come with a demo that shows that it's possible to make all this using only Puzzles (logic blocks) by just only one artist. Thanks for asking!

  15. experience_curiocity_big.thumb.jpg.621820b2b7c178d81db799e5e7e5f876.jpg


    As Verge3D is getting more and more popular among interactive designers and web developers, quality applications are starting to appear online with regularity. We could not resist to share with you an amazing example of using our toolkit by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Experience Curiosity, the award-winning 3D web app that tells the story of the tireless Mars rover, is now powered by Verge3D!

    Created by NASA to celebrate the third anniversary of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars, this app was featured by the Khronos consortium on SIGGRAPH 2015 as a breakthrough application powered by then-young WebGL technology.

    Read the full article HERE!


  16. 20 hours ago, chriswa said:

    Gorgeous! Well done! :D

    The only criticism I can offer is: (1) a progress indicator on the loading screen would be nice and (2) the camera should probably be panned up a bit: I found myself wishing I could see further ahead, and I noticed that the bottom half of my screen wasn't helpful for gameplay.

    Thank you for the criticism, I'll fix that in few days.

  17. 819_497.jpg.606b223db20f1d0aef19b85d824346ff.jpg

    This is a simple runner (walker exactly:) ) made with Verge3D engine and runs directly in the browser. All was modelled in Blender, even texturing in 90% made in Blender: I just set up shaders and light and baked it to texture. In my pipeline I've also used 3ds Max, Krita, Webflow, Gimp and Audacity. The game was made without coding in two weeks by only one artist.

    Character and most of the assets based on concepts of Vihn Nguyen . Thanks to Forget the Whale for the soundtrack.

    Link to the game:
    You can also download all source files with mesh, textures and sounds HERE

    Some art related to the game can be found here on my ARTSTATION PAGE





  18. It’s been almost a month since the previous release and here we are again with an incredible amount of new functionality and the most advanced demo we ever made with Verge3D. In this version you’ll find: HTML puzzles for mixing web page elements and 3D objects without coding, basic support for V-Ray materials, the highly efficient LZMA compression for glTF assets that saves 6x of average file size, several new Puzzles and support for 3ds Max 2019.



    Link to the Full Article!

  19. Look at this steampunk puzzle game made using Verge3d engine and Webflow design tool!


    This audio-visual experience was created to showcase various Verge3D features and to demonstrate its unlimited capabilities in integrating with different DCC tools to allow for a complete code-less workflow. No single line of code was used to develop this web application!

    Software used: Verge3D, Blender, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Webflow, GIMP and Inkscape.


    Link to the Full Application

  20. release2.2max-720x360.jpg

    Live demo HERE!

    We are excited to announce the first significant update since the 3ds Max version of Verge3D was originally released last month. This update includes important graphics developments, such as the reworked physical material system, the support for edited normals and smoothing groups, shadows and transparency, adds even more puzzles to help your code-less scripting workflow, and fixes many issues reported by early adopters.

    Read the full list of new features in 
    this acticle!