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  1. Thanks mtmckenna. I have - definitely high on the TODO list right now as it'll make the game more interesting while you're waiting for human players, and will ensure the game is running how it's supposed to be played (not just single player or with 1-2 others). I was thinking of having say, 5-6 bots in each room that get replaced with humans as they join. What do you think?
  2. Thanks Machine-dev :-) 1. Yes - I haven't received a high enough server load to warrant spending the effort hosting sets of rooms on different machines (I'm guessing 50+ players could play concurrently on the one slot I'm using in Azure right now, which is way above the current play rate) 2. Almost everything is computed and kept in sync on both server and client. I use socket.io to send packets back and forth. The only thing that's client-side is movement so that lag is not apparent. The server will send packets for blocks getting placed, new blocks getting spawned, new players join
  3. That looks like a bug to me and happens with < 1.0 resolutions as well. @samme Why do you want to use a resolution greater than 1.0? I can't see any point going above that scale because you're not taking advantage of the whole canvas. On the other hand, 0.5 = each sprite pixel takes 4 screen pixels and so forth. This runs a lot faster on the GPU and is how I can get my game to run at 60fps on devices with slower graphics cards :-) Something cool I found: You can dynamically change the resolution without reloading the game by directly modifying this._game.renderer.resolution (
  4. I went for the tracing tool because the DevTools performance tab gives no info about what's causing the GPU usage to be so high. The firefox canvas debugger is the only one that seems to give helpful information (I can see the number of draw calls and what each one of them does).
  5. Hi, I've been profiling my game using the chrome tracing tool and funnily the big slowdown seems to be GLES2ReadPixels. I ran a basic phaser animation example and experienced the same behaviour. Why is this? I thought the readpixels command was generally thought of as quite a slow call (Especially if you cover your entire screen...) and only used for taking screenshots, etc? Image: https://image.prntscr.com/image/Coz8zvP3Rtu4Qk26V58cHQ.png
  6. Infinitris.io 1.2.2 released! New game mode, new user stats / experience system, new UI and more. Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlEmAAaxA00 Play: https://infinitris.io Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :-)
  7. That worked! thanks samme :-)
  8. Yes, this does nothing. I'm not sure why though. Placing the same filter on the individual sprites works fine (besides lowering the frame rate to <10 fps)
  9. Hi guys, I have a sprite batch containing 250+ 64x64 sprites from a single tileset / spritesheet. I need to apply a filter to the entire batch rather than per-sprite (way too slow!) I seem to only be able to add filters to the stage or single sprites. Anything else seems to do nothing. Is there any way I can do this? My original goal is to create an Overlay filter (Since the overlay blend mode doesn't work in WebGL) and apply it to all the sprites so they mix correctly with what is rendered underneath them. Thanks!
  10. Thank you! want to jump on for a quick game? I'll be online for the next 10 minutes
  11. That's my blog. I upload images there too. All game assets however are hosted on my game server at https://infinitris.io
  12. Sorry, I don't know what you mean. What files?
  13. Infinitris was featured in the phaser.io news - thanks Rich! http://phaser.io/news/2017/06/infinitris
  14. Infinitris 1.2 released! Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1srCc4m7tgs Artwork and effects completely redone, plus a whole bunch of improvements and fixes. From: to: More about the release can be read here.
  15. Thanks for the replies, Zinnie and RubbleGames. This game is so much more than Tetris, but if you play alone you don't see much of that apart from the new mistake detection and phase shifting (which people won't know how to use since it's not mentioned anywhere yet). I'll be working on a tutorial and a trailer that will make the new mechanics obvious, and hopefully I'll get some player population once Infinitris 1.2 is released. Preview:
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