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  1. With World Cup madness well and truly here, I knocked up this little game. Any feedback much appreciated. Tap the ball to kick it up in the air. Game over if the ball falls off screen. It is quite difficult but hopefully in a Flappy Bird kind of way Play it here: http://arcade.starfish.ie/footy Enjoy!
  2. I know the number of FlappyBird clones flooding the internet is getting a bit ridiculous, but I couldn't resist making one myself! I made the game with Phaser and was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive it feels - all round a great framework. As it was a learning excercise for myself, I've liberally documented the source so hopefully other phaser beginners can benefit from it. Play it here http://arcade.starfish.ie/flappy Hope you enjoy! p.s. my hiscore is 14, can you beat it?
  3. Really nice write up! Here's a javascript specific implementation: http://codeincomplete.com/posts/2012/6/22/javascript_racer/
  4. @HappinessSam, thanks for the feedback. i did have an onscreen bullet counter but removed it in the interests of simplicity. i know what you mean about accuracy on the phone. I developed it on tablet and desktop first. i guess the lesson is to nail the mobile experience first @mintoman thanks. i thought creepy bunnies would be easier to shoot than cute ones
  5. Casual shooter made with impactjs: Play Works on desktop, mobile and tablets. Enjoy!
  6. had a short play on it - has a lot of potential. do you plan to add multiplayer or at least computer controlled cars to race against? the physics seemed a bit off to me; the car comes to a stop too quickly when you stop accelerating.
  7. fun! skipping the intro would be good. i think the background would work better with outthe tile outlines and possibly a softer colour.