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  1. But if I implement it as an online game, the users will encounter huge loading times. I may have 50mb maps or 300mb maps. Can I use something like localStorage in this case?
  2. Cordova sounds interesting. I will look into it. I need it to support most of the things that the latest browsers support, including WebGL and GPU acceleration. I know what a server is and what it does. It's just that, yesterday I was watching a video course by Babylon's developers and they said that you will need a local webserver in order to properly run Babylon with external assets. So I figured that, should I decide to make the game available offline, I may need my users to have a webserver installed. That is also why I asked if I could redistribute Node.js. Anyway, thanks for the tips!
  3. Thank you for your answer! Well, I might host it online. But is there a way to get rid of the browser UI? I can manually create an application shortcut in Chrome and it will open in a window with no UI other than the window bar. But how can I automatize this? I cannot tell every user to create their own shortcuts manually. And I would really appreciate it if my game was ran in something that doesn't look like the usual common browser. Basically, I want it to look like a desktop app as much as possible.
  4. Hello! I am a bit confused about the purpose of these files, what they are and what they do. Basically, do these files create a local webserver on the user's machine so that you will be able to run the game offline on every machine?
  5. Hello, Everybody! I'm currently planning to create a browser game using the Babylon.js framework. I am confused about deployment and how to actually release the game, so I would appreciate if you would solve a couple of mysteries I have about this. First of all, I can see that I need a webserver in order to use Babylon properly. I understand that this is because I need to define a custom MIME type for the .babylon extension to be loadable. Alright, so basically, all I need to do is use the js framework to craft my own game by implementing game mechanics and importing files from Blender with the .babylon extension, all of this running on my Apache local webserver? If so, then how can I redistribute the game? I will make users download the games files (js scripts, .babylon files, css files and actual html files that link everything) but how can I be sure that the user will actually have a webserver installed? What if they don't? Because my point is to make the game work offline, not in such a way that the users will need to access my website everytime they want to play the game. And then I thought about Node.js. Do you guys think I can include node.js along with the game files? I mean, will that create a node local server on every user's machine when they download the files, so the game will be ran on that node.js server just as it runs on my own local server on my machine? How can I do that? Is this what I'm supposed to do? Or, perhaps, this is totally wrong and I should simply host the game files on my online server and only allow users to play online? Thank you!