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  1. thanks for the answer. I want to drop a ball into a hollow box with physics. Is this possible with Babylon? Thanks
  2. Hi @deltakosh. Thanks for your help. I will try and get a scene together for you. The question is: Can you merge meshes that have physics on them?
  3. And also when i remove mesh.scaling there is no more physics collision detection? Because I remove the scaling the box shape is correct.
  4. After investigating. It's a bit of both. It's the bounding boxImpostor and the child parent relationship within the blender.exporter. Is there anyway to make the box.impostor more accurate for child meshes? Thanks, Zac
  5. Let me rephrase: The cylinder is still hollow when it is in the scene. But with physics added, I cannot animate another mesh into the hollow part of the cylinder. It's as if it were not hollow.
  6. Hi, I am trying to export a hollow cylinder mesh from Blender and when I import it into Babylon.js, the cylinder is no longer acts hollow? Does the exporter support hollow meshes? Or is this a bounding box issue? Can I remove the bounding box? Thanks, rolz