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  1. Nice to meet you gryff Im just starting to learn this whole business and programming as well. Although i want to learn actual programming my first game was made using C2. I will be done my second game soon!!
  2. Hey I was wondering if there were any Canadians on this forum??If so what province or city? I start off I'm in Ontario living in Toronto.
  3. Looks like you site was hacked or something??? or server issues
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if any one here has tried to make a portal in the past and what you learned from that experience.
  5. It doesn't effect how much money they would be willing to pay for the games? I hope your talking about portals that pay for games not the ones that want games for free lol. A little more detail would be great
  6. chirp chirp.............crickets.......anyone lol
  7. ya it make a huge difference on performance. if you want to get even more performance you can also use a tiled background. Instead of massive images. it will help as well since older devices that have less memory available.
  8. Hey so sound doesn't work, but the game runs smoother, it's lags here and there in each game like once or twice but away better than before. That's was tested on an iPad (Safari and chrome ) did t test on iphone I forgot it at m gf house sorry
  9. Oh ok nice!! Thanks for the reply.
  10. @rich is there also a problem with ios 7 and loading sound?cause I was testing out your phaser examples on my iPad 2 using safari on ios7 and the sound examples never loaded?
  11. hey just tried some from here using chrome on my ipad 2 and iphone 4 and they work ok (they are all made with C2) . The simpler games have sound working as well as good frame rates. so it can definitely be done but games have to be played on chrome. It looks like safari is having issues. Not sure why. I'm running ios 7 so that might be why. Now your games on the ipad 2 and iphone 4 with the chrome browser seem to work A LOT better. frames are smoother. from what I was reading on the scirra forums. you have to wait until the game loads then when the player touches the screen you can turn the sound on. you have to add an event for this. I cant find the post though sorry i closed all the windows lol. Hey you should also turn off particles on your rocket game. I wouldn't even use it unless your targeting you game being played on a computer. It uses a lot of resources so removing it should help it run better on older devices. Let me know if you figure it out the sound issue.
  12. Hey guys, so I have finally started to work on my "awesome" game and i'm building it with construct 2. I eventually want to try and sell games I make to portals, however I came across this link its a list of a bunch of games created with construct 2. There are a bunch of really amazing ones. The thing is when i tried to load to them on my ipad 2 or or iphone (ios 7) the sound wasnt working on any of the games or the game just crashed. However when I tried out the games on the iPad2 using the chrome browser some worked with the sound, some worked with out sounds and some just kept crashing the browser. SOOOO I have 2 questions 1) how do portals feel about buying games that don't come with sound or sound doesnt work. 2) has anyone managed to sell Construct 2 made games to portals with sound working or with out sound working. I feel like not having the sound work really diminishes the experience and you would not get as much money for the game that you create. Anyways thanks for any insight on the matter.
  13. hey I tested on a blackberry 10 device it works fine a little laggy but there is no sound. I tried on a ipad 2 works fine but no sound tried on iphone 4 and no sound. tried on ipod touch and this website wouldnt load so i couldnt test it.
  14. Hey I was wondering if you got the sound to work on this game on an ipad2. I have been testing games and the examples made with phaser on my ipad2 and iphone 4. The the sounds doesn't work. anyone else have issues with this? or is it just my itoys? I know the speakers work cause can listen to music.