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  1. A Facebook version of our desktop card game has recently been released under a new name - Square Solitaire Duel. The game was previously integrated with the Polish social network, Nasza-Klasa, as Poker Solitaire. Since then, we have developed the game further. HERE IS A DIRECT GAME LINK. The rules and gameplay are the same as they were in the Polish version. The game with its features is more like a dueling game of multi-player solitaire than a typical poker match. We hope you will enjoy the game as we do! Check out the trailer video, the game features, and join us in a g
  2. Hi there, Not all of you had a chance to attend to onGameStart conference this year. Thanks to its organizers I can proudly show you a video of presentation of our CEO Piotr Gawle Presentation will show you what we experienced and what we learned during creating our HTML5 gaming company. I hope it will be helpful and will bring a lot of useful knowledge Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/79727591
  3. I'd like to show you how we are using fun and inspiration in our every day work as development team. We enjoy working together and we decided to add some spice to what we do. This is why we created Bushido Gamethon - a monthly game development challenge for each member of our team. What is it an how it works? Check out my blog entry and get inspired! Maybe your team will decide to use similar technique to improve a creativity and development skills http://bushidoit.com/2013/10/bushido-gamethon-challenge-inspiration-and-fun/
  4. We (Bushido Games) entered the market in the right time I believe, and I will agree with Rich and True Valhalla. Today, you need to take care of quality of code and graphics. We market our games globally, and we managed to get attention of publishers and that gives us opportunity to work on higher number of better games to rise the revenues and attention of market. The coding and creations of graphics is just a part of process, finding and negotiating with publishers is other part which isn't a "piece of cake" I wouldn't compare natives and web mobile games - pointless, this is totally differ
  5. Thanks a lot Sorry for late response, check out my answers below: On the technical side: - we are using nodejs and so far it doesn't seem to be a problem - not yet - yes On the publishing side: - AdSense and Leadbot - we have our own dedicated server
  6. Do you like to play online multiplayer games with your friends? With Space 4 in a row you can have fun with them no matter where you are! Space 4 in a row can be played at the same time with a group of your friends who use smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) and even PC's. Our newest game is a classic 4 in a row with futuristic graphics from space. Even if you don't want to play online with life opponents, you still can challenge the CPU, and prove that you are the best of the best! To play on you smartphone or tablet - enter this link (http://play.bushidogames.com/en-gb//games
  7. Thanks a lot guys. But I'd like to find out what can be the reason why you can't really make something to boost your game awareness in Chrome Store? Is it just like in app stores where someone (admin, management) chooses the games he likes, and developer can't do much about it, or it's just that simple HTML5 games are still in niche, and they just can't compete and have chance to be featured there?
  8. Do you like them because they provide better promotion for your games, or it's because it is easier to integrate your game there?
  9. I see, thanks a lot , that may be helpful But for the promotion wise, does anyone recommend any sites or blogs that support niche gaming? I meant the places where I could send an app for review, or just for showcase.
  10. Hello, I was researching lately for effective way to promote games in Chrome Store. Of course usual methods like social media, blogs, etc would work. But apart from that. Do you have any good experiences in that area? Are there any other good ways to boost interest in your games? I'd like to hear from you guys about it. Maybe you have something that may inspire ?
  11. @Rune, yes exactly, there are many networks like this. In the past we were contacted by one of them, but back then we didn't think about ads model for mobile games. They for sure support HTML5 mobile gaming, but still I didn't have a feedback, if they allow it on their platforms. That's why I'm trying to find out, if any of you had such experiences. It seems logic to use ads in a network which boost gaming with advertisements of content, but they may have strict policy;) I'm sure freemium is available.
  12. Hi all, Has anyone of you tried to work with any of cross-promotion platforms? Don't have much info about it, and I wouldn't like to misjudge if this would be a good solution for monetization. I wonder if someone ever tried that, and how you managed to get revenues from this system? I'm aware that freemium may work there, but what about mobile ads, do they allow it?
  13. Depends on what revenue shares you are speaking of. Freemium, ads, subscription? For example we made couple deals in 50/50, or 70/30, 60/40 for us and vice versa. Depends on you too - since you are the developer, and you bring the content that brings revenues for publisher - you should start with negotiable ratio of revenues when speaking to publisher.
  14. There are also other options. As True Valhalla mentioned, advertisements works well, same as other methods: subscription based platforms, single license fee/rental to external publishers. If you have a huge game that allows player for extended gameplay, and there are some certain items, boosters, speed ups, etc - try to go freemium, that's the good way to go with big game. Google Store is also good place to monetize with ads or freemium. But my best suggestion for HTML5 monetization - produce mobile games. There are many advantages, for example Apple and Android do not support Flash now (And
  15. Publishers have audience, money for campaigns, contracts with operators, social networks - so yes, you are right here. We notice good results in this matter,what I mean when our games work at publishers networks. The biggest issue here is lack of resources, lack of support for HTML5 mobile gaming. We also see how difficult situation for natives developers is - it is much harder to promote your game in app stores. You may try to invest a higher amount of money to a campaign, but you really cannot get a guarantee that games release on your own will pay off.
  16. Hello, Lately, I've been looking for some interesting methods for better marketing and distributing of HTML5 mobile games. I was wondering if you found anything worth checking or using. Of course I saw previous informative post by Nicole, and it's a fact that running a Facebook fanpage, Twitter or running a regular blog are the basics that work well, but I was thinking if there is any other better way to show your products to the world. Benefits are obvious: higher awareness of your games, of your trademark, more players, more sponsorship opportunities, etc.
  17. I didn't clearly understand the idea of source code - it may also mean that you would like to modify the games. I hope that PM I sent you will explain everything. Usually publishers agree for hosting the games on our servers, but we can also agree on the other solutions.
  18. This is our latest web mobile game (works with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices). Animory is simple and entertaining - you'll love the graphics Choose a challenge level, memorize location of identical animals on board, and quickly uncover them from memory. Yoy can play it directly at Chrome Store, Google Play and our gaming miniportal. Here is a teaser video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Dsq4hmAUfIk Have fun Bushido Games.
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