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  1. Hello guys, I need you help. Do you know how to do a ribbon animation on PIXI.js? B I saw a lot of example on CSS3, but no example on pixi. Maybe I search in a wrong way. But I need 2D version, not a 3D Thank you for any feedback
  2. It is hard-coded to 4 available IDs (renderers) Fixed in PIXI v3
  3. Hello guys, I have got an issue with game destroy on webGL rendering. Reproducing: In the following example of creating animation on PIXI, just need to build and destroy the game for 5 times So here is simple example of the issue: On the fifth iteration of building and destroying the texture is transformed into back rectangle, but on Canvas rendering everything works fine for any iteration. I what to notice, that in the big project this happens earlier (on 3 iteration of building / destroying) Is someone met with this error in the past? How is it possible to handle this issue? Thank for any advice
  4. Hi, I am new in html game development, so my question can be simple-minded, sorry for this. I did some research and I understand that PIXI is not suppot gradient fill. It is possible to fill by one color and alpha. Is there trick that allow to create linear gradient and allow to keep PIXI style? Thanks