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  1. Thanks. We'll have to look into WebGL again. We had tried it about a year ago and ran into issues mapping our 2D filmstrips of sprites and getting them to animate. Maybe things have gotten better since. If you know if any good examples I'd love to check them out!
  2. Hi all! I was just reading Ten top tips for developing HTML5 games and discovered this forum so I figured I'd "PLUG" our HTML5 game. is a free social game where people take turns DJing new music or videos for each other. It's basically a real-time chat room with synchronized music streaming powered by YouTube & SoundCloud content. Everyone in the community has an avatar that dances when you Woot (i.e. up-vote) the currently playing track. It's a great way to not only share music you love, but also to discover great new music since it's curated by real people from people around the world. Direct game link here: Would love to hear any optimization tips you have on how to improve sprite performance. We already cap avatar rendering to 200 per community (although you can have thousands of people in the community simultaneously, we only draw up to 200). We're monetizing the game through in-app avatar upgrades and other experience-enhancements. Here's another screenshot of the store. All feedback welcome!