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  1. It is awesome job you are doing here! The prince animation is very neat and invokes pleasant memories of old times. It is greate that you find time to write about your work. Every time i read about solutions and algorithms engineers used back in days in the game development I found myself very excited. Especially when explanation is such intelligible. Looking forward to further posts and work updates! And good luck in finishing the project!
  2. For the last week our team was working on a game version for the closed test. Closed test is about to happen: we're planning to start it in the end of March. So there's less than two weeks left. We're looking forward to it! During the remaining time we plan to test and polish the eighth version (v0.8.x). At the same time we keep working on the project and we're preparing a ninth version, which is full of new features! And now it is time to get to know a little bit more of what is the "Reaper of Chests". The game is about searching and breaking various chests that exist all over the game world. And certainly the chest is filled with treasures! You get loot after breaking it. At the moment, you may loot for gold or equipment. (In the upcoming versions more loot categories will be added) There is a lot of stuff you can get from the broken chests: various weapons, armor, accessories, jewelry etc. You can equip all that gear. The better gear you have, the stronger your become, the greater chests you can break. Moreover for every defeated chest you get some gold and experience. Once you get enough experience you gain a new level. That means you can challenge greater chests in the everlasting battle for better loot! And here is another screenshot from the game. It is merchant screen, where you can buy items for gold. The "Reaper of Chests". Merchant Screen v0.8.1
  3. We will keep this topic updated. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts!
  4. @i3Designer It is a nice game! Here is my thoughts, hope it will be helpful! First of all, music is awesome, really like this 8-bit tracks! It would be cool to use arrow controls to navigate car. It was hard enough to me to navigate in right direction with mouse click. Think i still dont understand the mouse-click-navigation logic. I see level up message, it is neat by the way, but dont know what my level is and how is progress going. It would be nice to have level and progress presented somewhere in ui. gratz
  5. Reaper of Chests Three months ago we decided to write a game. The original idea was to make an irony on such RPG games where core gameplay becomes hunt-for-epic loot gameplay very fast, even if it was not developers goal. The core gameplay of our game is to hunt for epic loot and equip your hero to hunt even more epic stuff! The most precious moment for every RPG fan is the moment when you are about to open this awesome magic chest and to find out what kind of marvelous loot is waiting for you! We know it because we are part of those fans! For this reason you will be opening epic and only epic chests playing our game! Considering all of that we decided to give our game working title "Reaper of Chests". We start developing "Reaper of Chests" with single player prototype. But at one point after careful planning it was decided to move to client-server architecture. With this approach we can control the whole game process, share players achievements and world events. And now your character knows no rest in the pursuit of legendary loot day and night. For now we have a browser client version v0.7.1. You might wonder: "What the hell this version should mean to me?" - maybe nothing, but we pull through 7 elaborate iterations in 3 months not to mention minor versions. Moreover we have a server to never leave your character in peace! Undoubtedly we understand that 3 months of "secret-development" is quite a risky enterprise. Especially considering the fact that we don't get paid for what we're doing and we were developing it in our free time. But, yeah, we were carried away a bit designing prototype. We have plans for "Reaper of Chests", but at first we want to present it to the community and let it seal the "Reaper of Chests"`s fate. For this reason we have planned a closed test for limited expert audience. There are two possible results of closed test: 1. "Reaper of Chests" will be launched on low-power server. It will be fully functional, but it won't be able to handle many players. We will stop on the project if there won't be any public resonance in the community. 2. We will try to raise funds for further development. We will go on working on a project and we will be preparing a closed beta for wider audience. We fell in love with "Reaper of Chests" when we worked on it and we believe that second option is the only possible. But one should not forget about the risks. Mark Zuckerberg once said: "The biggest risk is not taking any risk..". Since we carry on "Reaper of Chests" using only our own funds and time, its fate depends heavily on the community. In our turn we will provide as much information on the game as needed and deliver the most interesting gameplay in order to win the vote of the community! Tardigrade development team. p.s.1: Since we are pretty occupied developing "Reaper Of Chests" we have no public game/company site yet. We are very sorry for that! Here are some sneak peek to make amends, and to give you some insight at the stages of development of "Reaper of Chests". "Reaper of Chests". Prototype v0.3.0 (icons from http://game-icons.net/) "Reaper of Chests" v0.7.1 p.s.2: While working on the game we used some free game art for experiments. There will be only our own art by the time of release.