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  1. Sorry for my late reply here, guys. Haruka, you have my e-mail please reach out to me directly. PJ I will reply to you in private.
  2. Hello everyone, a few important comments here: 1. Bestgames is gamemonetize, I will not address their accusations as they add nothing to this thread and is just trying to defamate our image. 2. The report dashboard shown is probably a bug, you should contact us directly and we will fix whatever is needed. 3. Revenue drop: It is natural to see less revenues than nov-dec. I will explain why: this industry monetizes games with advertising. Advertising depends on demand (advertisers) and seasonality (periods people spend money). The beginning of the year you will always see less: impressions, ecpms, hence revenue. This is not our fault, but how the advertising industry works for decades now. If you are working with other partners, you will also see the same behavior. 4. Again on the transparence of our company: We recently aquired Spil games, top 1 player on web games for decades now, you can see the news here and in dozens of other sources: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-02-12-azerion-acquires-remainder-of-spil-games Working with Game Distribution has become even better now that we have the power of Spil games portals to provide your games more visibility. Please bear in mind that not all games will make money and work out, this is the same on every platform, not just the web. Quality over quantity is very important. We respect your decisions to discuss, expose and decide whether to work with us or not as long as we are having a healthy conversation around the gaming industry. We work with literally hundreds of game developers who are quite happy with us and I am proud to say our service has improved a lot since last year, and will still keep improving. Any questions or topics, you know where to find me. Iuri
  3. Hey Suga87, If you are on paypal payments, you will get paid on the end of January, if you are on bank transfer, you need to wait until you reach 100 euros and payment will be done 60 days after the month you reach that amount.
  4. Thanks for the update and support, Haruka! we are doing our best.
  5. Hey guys, Sorry if I went silent here. We are still facing indeed some delays in payments which should have been solved already and I apologize for the stress it is causing you. All the August payments were done for all partners. If you didn't get paid, please be sure that you fall into the minimum requirements for the due amounts. We are still improving the processes and flow and it hasn't been fully fixed yet. We were able to pay ahead the month before, but couldn't meet the deadline the month after (took us around 15 days more). We will start September payments next week and hopefully, pay you all for the earned before the end of November. Thanks for understanding.
  6. Hey Uronstone, We are always testing new ways to improve the user experience in the games we distribute on Game Distribution. This week, we decided to run some tests and test games without outgoing links in order to increase: Gameplay time, game performance, ad impressions/gameplay on the games. In short, this was done having both our publishers, developers and players in mind. Outgoing links take players out of the games and it can be bad for the user experience. We are starting to partner up with some big publishers that are asking for games only without outgoing links. This was done to make sure your games are picked up by those publishers too. That being said, I must agree that our method was not the best and we should have communicated that better. Because of that reason, we are doing an internal test and currently still allowing games with outgoing links. In the future, we will create a better and more strict set of rules in order to improve on all ends. Any doubts, just shoot me a DM. Cheers,
  7. Thanks for sharing mate. We are still not good enough. Soon payment issues will be something that you heard in the past believe me. My commitment to you is that your only worry should be on how awesome your game is, not payments. We will get there, together 👊
  8. Hi Reborned, We are not Game Monetize. They cloned everything we created in the last years and started contacting developers to join their platform. The differencee between publishing a game in GD and Game monetize is quite simple: We are a real company, called Azerion. Game Monetize is a guy which no one knows the name, probably sitting on a basement sending message to all our customers to scam them into publishing their games with them. Will game monetize pay them? We don't know. And honestly, my commitment here is with you, our developers, not to game monetize, I don't care about competition, it's a fair market. My objective is just to settle payments on time for you all, then there's no reason at all to game monetize, just a clone of GD with no real advertising solution, no real publishers, no real company behind it, but again, it is a free world. Just be aware
  9. Haruka, Requirements on the platform were not done properly, that meant that both you, us and the publisher lose money. We ask for mid-roll calls on many places simply because we control the ad timers on our end, meaning that users will not be impacted with ads every time they click that button, just when the timer has passed and the action is performed. As for payments, we are slowly clearing the queue for every late payment there, and I repeat this will soon not be a problem. Thanks
  10. Arcadeset, I am glad that you got your payment, and I am even happier by your willingness to post here about it. I came here open-hearted and open-minded to let you guys aware that we are indeed making sure your problems are solved. I said before and I repeat: everyone will get paid, no exceptions. We will make sure your problems with payments stay in the past, as well as making updates, progress, and partnerships that will get your game in the hands of more players and that you will earn more money with us than you do with other partners. This is our goal, and if you bear with is, I will make sure we deliver this to you. Game Distribution is nothing without our trusted partners and developers, and I sincerely apologize for the current situation, but we are working on this, and I am glad that you saw my words weren't just words, but the action was taken also. Thanks
  11. Haruka, please dm me your info so I can check your status please. Thanks Iuri
  12. It is important also to let people know that you got paid, don't you think? Thank you for your reply and response. I'm here if you need anything from us. Kind regards
  13. Completely get it. Let me honor our duties to you first and then we can talk about the future.
  14. Arcadeset, you are 100% right. Being silent is not acceptable and I agree with you. Also, I have been where you are right now, and I always think that transparency is better than being silent. You will have my full transparency from now on, even if I have to deliver bad news, which is what I came here to do. Apart from that, I guarantee you will all get paid. You also have reached the minimum in April and should have been paid last month, I will see that you are also paid the full amount asap. Count on me.
  15. Hi Maksim, Yes, you have reached the minimum for paypal payments and we are late on paying our duties to you, about 1 month late to be more precise. You are falling in the number "4" I have mentioned, and for that, I can't do more than apologize and guarantee you that you will get paid ASAP. The reason I can't state a precise date for you is quite simple, we are fixing a problem in the current system, that will avoid these issues to occur in the future again. As I said, within the next couple of months this will not be an issue anymore, but you will get paid before that, I will see to that. Thank you for sharing your experience and I know there were platform issues in between that contributed to the issues you have seen, we are also working on fixing that for the future to come.
  16. Hi Arcadeset, we are also open about our payment terms, which are 60 days. This is not the issue in discussion, but we are late on that 60 days payment terms, and for that reason, I decided to address the current situation to you. I expect this to be normalized within the next couple of months, I am sorry I can't promise you more than that, otherwise, I would be lying. We make both paypal and bank payments, and those have different settings and particularities, we are structuring our team in a way that these payments will be done in a smarter and faster way, in order to avoid future problems.
  17. Hey mate, You are absolutely right to be angry. I ask to watch for false allegations, I did not imply you made you. I say that because I've read many times untruthful information about issues that were not really related to a payment delay, but many times things fell into topics 1,2,3 I have mentioned. I didn't mean to direct my comment to you, but as a whole regarding the current situation. I understand your concerns and we will fix it. Are there any pending payments to you currently missing? I have checked your account and both your payments were made in Dec 2018 and Apr 2019. Can you confirm that? I can send you payment confirmation if needed also. Kind Regards,
  18. Hello guys, I am the PO of GD and have addressed some of your concerns here: Let's have a healthy chat about the future there. I please ask you to watch with false allegations and accusations without proof, this is a dangerous path and we do not want to move forward on a discussion based on fake news and sentiment.
  19. Hello everyone, My name is Iuri and I am currently the product owner and responsible for Gamedistribution.com I recently joined the GD team, which is part of Azerion (https://www.linkedin.com/company/azerion/) This is my linkedin profile, if you are interested on knowing who I am also: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iurigenovesi/ I want to address the current issues to all of you, our respected developer community in the hopes that we can be on the same page regarding Game Distribution and the serious allegations many people have been saying here. First of all, I want to personally apologize to everyone who is getting delayed payments. This is true and we are sorry about it. Game Distribution grew really fast in the last few months, many developers successfully started to make money with our platform, and we couldn't grow our finance team fast enough in order to handle and make all partner payments in time. We are currently working really hard and growing the team and the structure to support all of you in the way that you deserve. We work with literally thousands of partners and developers that join our platforms every day and we are doing our best effort to make everyone happy. The first and biggest issues are payments on time. We always pay all of our partners, 100%. If you haven't been paid yet, I guarantee you that you are in one of the following: 1. Haven't met the minimum if at least EUR 50 for PAYPAL and EUR 100 for Bank transfers. 2. Bank detail or payment information is not correctly filled inside our platforms. This is something we are working hard to change, as we believe the current system is not easy enough nor clear enough and many mistakes can happen at this stage. 3. Your payment processing hasn't reached the minimum period of 60 days of the end of the running month. 4. You are all set, but your payment is still delayed. Most people that complain, are on numbers 1,2 and 3. A few are on item 4, which we are currently working on solving. We receive payment from all of our advertising partners D+45, which means we strive to pay 15 days after we receive that amount. If you have a problem with your payment on GD, please hold tight as we're going to handle all delayed payments within the next couple of months. I have been a part of this community for years now, I have been both publisher, when I was at Click Jogos, developer on my last company Gazeus Games, and now I am handling the platform with Game Distribution. The reason I am coming forward here and presenting myself to have a chat with you is really simple: I am a real person, working on a real company, that is real, consolidated and that discloses all information, people and detail out in the open. It has come to my attention that someone tried to blindly clone Game Distribution and is now reaching out to this community with a promise of a better future and relationship. That 'person' doesn't have a real name, a face or a company and it is running a business under a cloned website and model and it is trying to take advantage of you by defamation of Game Distribution, this is not the way to build a business and a competitor, I would suggest being careful, once that "competitor" does not have a financial entity, a real name or company behind it and it's hiding behind the world wide web to take advantage of the current problems you are facing with us. That being said, we are really working hard on solving the issues within the next few months. Bear with us in this journey and I promise that it will be worth it, we have many many new good things coming in developments for this community and it's obvious to say that we wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you, so I am here making sure you know the person behind the business and that I will do everything I can to make sure you can keep working and earning your best with us. All I ask from all of you from now on is respect in this thread and to not make alegations you cannot proof. I am looking forward to deliver you the best you can get within the next months so complaints become compliments real soon. Thank you for your patience, Iuri
  20. Looking forward to it! thanks for your reply man! this is my first time here, nice to see a warm welcome =D
  21. Hey guys, I'm Iuri and I work for Click Jogos Brazil. www.clickjogos.com.br. I'm looking to license HTML5 games for our mobile app and I am particularly interested in a game with Mr jump mechanics. Does any of you have anything related? is this game: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/23/mr-jump/ Also, please feel free to send me your games to my inbox and we'll be in touch! I see HTML5 having a great future and I want to be in touch with as many developers as I can Sorry if this is the wrong location for this message, I just though that posting here would have more quorum. Best, Iuri
  22. Hey Josh, looks good. Is there a PC version for us to test on desktop? Cheers
  23. Amazing logical idea for a first game. Execution and polish are the next steps, and of course: More difficult levels. It is a bit too easy. But great job man Keep up