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  1. This is perfect, thanks to @sable ! I like to close and/or delete this request, but I don't have the moderator rights to do so.
  2. I ended up using this: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#050P3M#11 (its using frustrum to check if tiles are visible)
  3. Hey ssaket, Yeah, that is helpful, this way I can check which tiles to dispose, thank you! But I still don't know how many tiles to load at the beginning. I could just create one tile in the middle of the screen, then add neighbouring tiles in all directions, check if they are in the frustum, if so load the map texture and then check their neighbors but maybe there is a better way to do that; get the width/height directly and calculate how many tiles to load from?
  4. Good suggestion but I noticed that the panning of the ArcRotateCamera is not constant with the mouse movement and it always zooms to the center, not to the mouse cursor. If both points can be implemented with the existing camera I would actually prefer use it instead of creating something new. I also don't know how to extend the existing input behavior to do that, so I assume I need a new camera and/or input.
  5. Hi, I am building a openstreetmap-integration to Babylon.js and I like to only load tiles that need to be shown and dispose tiles that are not visible anymore. To do that I need some way to figure out what tiles are in the view. I already found BABYLON.Vector3.Unproject which I could feed with the screen width/height divided by 2 in all directions to calculate the dimensions of the viewport in babylon coordinates. I only manage to get this working when the camera is directly in front of the screen, so I need to figure out how the distance from the camera to the screen can be use
  6. No, it is not paied. Should I ask this again in Q&A and close/delete this topic?
  7. @JohnK hey, that actually works quite well! Thank you! 😉
  8. Hi, I like to have a plane in the background that always fills the screen, so it should move when the camera moves (that one is still easy, just copy x/z-position of the camera) but it should also always fill the full screen, Can you tell me how I calculate the width/hight of the plane in babylon-dimensions based on the pixel width/height of the canvas as well as the camera distance?
  9. Hi everyone! Thank you all for your great work! working with Babylon is a lot of fun! I am working on a visualization of some buildings (based on osmbildings.org ) for babylon.js. It works quite well, and I managed to create a camera that is panning on my map instead of rotating around an object when using a pointing device (mouse). I disabed the camera/input system of babylon completely and listen to pointer events from the browser. I think that that's very ugly and I would like to see this integrated into Babylon. I am not so familar with TypeScript and I am not sure I underst
  10. @chicagobob123 Is your code available somewhere? I don't like to reinvent the wheel...
  11. yeah, but those are also for zooming, so the user experience is not very nice - it looks buggy when i move around with two fingers when it zooms a bit in and out while moving.
  12. Hi, The touch controls in Three.js allow you to move the camera horizontally/vertically using three fingers. I noticed that the ArcRotateCamera in Babylon behaves similar to the Orbitcontrols in Three.js (using the right mouse button you can move horizontally/vertically ) but it does not have the three-fingers gesture implemented. Is there some other way to move the camera using touch or should I file this as "bug"/feature request on github?
  13. I am working for a Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality Startup in Bremen, Germany: http://www.ubimax.de For improvements of our (PIXI.js powered) Web-Editor that configures our Augmented Reality solutions we are looking for a Web Application Developer (m/f) to join our team in Bremen (job permit for the EU is required). It says full-time in the job description but students looking for an internship are also very welcome! We are a team of people from all over the globe, so everyone in our team speaks English fluently but German is a big plus. The Job description (in Ger
  14. Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. If I want to dig deeper into the code: is this the right repo for EventEmitter3? https://github.com/primus/eventemitter3
  15. Hi, what is the default for creating custom events in pixi v3 (like a change-event when something in my UI changes - I am currently using callback functions but that gets kind of ugly as my projects grow bigger)? Can you show me some example code?
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